Hi there TA fans! Welcome to Voobly. Do not adjust your PC. You are not on a time machine. This lobby is still under construction but we have made some strides in the right direction.

To play here without problems you need to do a few things to keep your sanity, and your game working properly until the developement stage is finished.

You are safe to enter the lobby but DO NOT LAUNCH WITHOUT READING AND DOING EVERYTHING on this post or ask for help in the lobby. You can disreguard all these steps ONLY if you dont use the TADemo recorder. If you make a mistake, it is easily fixed by reinstalling the recorder.

1) Go to your /Totala folder then copy and paste your ddraw.dll (268kb) to a folder of your choice as a backup.

2) Rename the original ddraw.dll (268kb) in \Totala to ddrawvbly.dll .

At the time of this post you can play 1v1 with ZERO lag. The NAT Traversal is turned ON in this lobby! But it is still best to forward your ports in your router. Here are some links to help you set your router up. [You must login to view link] . Find your router, skip the ad, find Total Annihilation, and do ALL the steps. Most routers requre you to set up a static ip, if yours does then use this link: [You must login to view link] . Be sure to follow my instructions when you enter the lobby!

If you want to speed up login a bit, you click files above the lobby, then click autojoin lobby. There is a Total Annihilation area as well as many other section in the forums here. be sure to check them out!

We are still working to lower pings in the 2v2 and more games so please be patient. Any help or suggestions are appreciated to get this fine site up and going.

Voobly was originally IGZ and then became Voobly. It has been around a long time. Another fine place to play TA for the TA community. GL HF and GG :D