Hey guys.

Me, Ryda and Stat were having this conversation about my ants during a game that seemed to walking way to fast, at a point that it looks like I'm speeding. Again, this feature that was added to Voobly to fix the colors issue (32-bit rendering) came to the topic. The 32-bit render gives some sort of sensation that the game is accelerated and it runs smoother, which enables a greater gameplay experience. No wonder. After some discussion, I decided to run Fraps to see what was the FPS my game was running at. Incredibly, it was running at 360 fps! Without the feature activated it ran at the typical 60 fps.

I'd like to ask everyone that still plays the game to make sure the game is not running at such crazy FPS marks. The reason is obvious, it affects the speed your ants are able to walk at and since your opponent's game cannot keep up with such pace, it will look like that people are cheating. As a result, many players comproved that ants jump around some spaces frequently which will end up in unpleasant gameplay and a bad experience for the others, similarly to bad lag and speeding (cheating).

We have alvo comproved that activating the feature does not provide very high FPS to everyone, which means that it might be related to computer hardware specifications, software (processes) running in parallel at the time, operating system, etc. That being said, you can and you should turn on 32-bit render as long as your FPS don't sky rocket.

Thank you.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas! :)