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System Requirements

To Play Death Rally Online you will need at least the following

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All I am getting is a black screen?
A: Some games take awhile to download especially if your on a slower connection, look for the "Downloading" bar on the bottom of the game window. If you do not see this then make sure you have the newest version of Java installed

Q: Java is popping up with all sort of security dialogs
A: Do not worry, the Voobly arcade is programmed correctly and uses java to download the games to your computer. Make sure you allow unblocked content to pass and run all apps.

Q: My mouse is gone or stuck!!
A: If your mouse is stuck in the game window, double right click to release the mouse. If it is still stuck press ALT + TAB on your keyboard to switch out the game window.

Q: I'm hosting a multiplayer game but my friends do not see it, or I do not see my friends game.
A: Both you and your friend should exit the lobby and rejoin.

Q: The game is stuttering or I am getting poor performance
A: Make sure you have the newest version of Java installed. Check the system requirements. This also can be caused by having two Voobly Arcade game lobbies open. If still getting poor performace, close Voobly completely and reopen the game lobby.

Q: Where are the saved games stored on my computer?
A: The game files are downloaded to your profile directory in folder called .jdosbox
Q: Multiplayer no longer works. Some games are crashing
A: We might have updated the game configuration files since your last visit. Please goto your <username> folder then .jdosbox and delete the "c-(yourgamename)" folder and relaunch the lobby. Also check the multiplayer server status in the lobby welcome message.

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