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Voobly is gradually building support for a variety of languages through both the client and the website. Special consideration is being made for those who do not know English as a first language, and attempts are being made to make Voobly more accessible to these users.

There are two separate sections devoted to development of language support for Voobly.
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I found a bug that needs to be fixed

We appreciate the time you have taken to report this issue. Please take note of the translation that is broken / incorrect and on what page it's found on. If it's an error in translation, provide a better translation if you can. If the bug is due to the translation being disruptive to other elements of the site (ie a button that is too big), be sure to note exactly what is wrong and if possible provide a screen shot. Take all of this information and make a submission in the "Modification" forums, and the problem will be looked into as soon as possible.

Can I help translate?

Absolutely. Visit one of the above sections to learn how to build translation files for use in either the client or the website. The flexible nature of this technology allows the files to share a format, but be usable in entirely different mediums, allowing for a broad translation with very little overhead. If you have spare time and would like to contribute, we would greatly appreciate your support.


The following are users that have contributed translations to either the Voobly client or the Voobly website. Arabic - [I3acI]__eT__, [ A ]Noted
- Chinese - Guess
- French - [s1L3nT]xBlue_
- Hindi - deadlyevil, [DZ]deadlydeo
- Portugese - [AgeMania]REIS__
- Spanish - N4lzC, Victor, _Blackmore
- Turkish - FoxValentine_, +TunaKhan
- Vietnamese - [Nature]VNS_Rookie
- Japanese - donthitonme

Should you be on this list? Leave a comment specifying what language you assisted with, and whether it was for the client or the website.

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