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Voobly launched last night a new rating feature to all AoE lobbies. It's a raw version of what will come and how we can keep developing it to better match community's needs. That's why we need your help to develope it.

We need reports of bug's and possible problems that you have noticed and other suggestions. Before making a report of a bug or suggestion, please read this thread very carefully first. If you don't read this thread carefully and post before doing so, you might take Voobly staff time away from other important things like helping those with real problems. Suggestions and observations, post here. A clear bug with the new feature, post here

What is this new feature?

This new feature is called Multi-ladder support. Nothing was removed from the lobbies. All old features are still there. There are some differences in RM, DM and CS lobbies and they will explained in their own sections.

All AoE-ladders now support Multi-ladders. This means that inside one lobby one user can have different ratings for each ladder and a new overall rating. This new overall rating is an averate rating of all your rating ladders in that lobby.

AoC: Random Map

RM players can now choose from three different rating genres. These options are available in game room's dropdown-menus. You can choose different genres to more accurately describe your skills in different genres instead of one rating with all your games.

1. RM - General (old RM ladder)
- When you choose "RM - General" in rated room, this rated option will add points to the "old" rating that players had before lobby upgrade.

- When you choose "RM - General", you can play 1v1 games, teamgames and all maps that you can play in RM. There's no restrictions, it's the same option as it was before lobby upgrade.

- The star (*) next to your rating is used to show the rating used for the current ladder in the room and overrides the ladder you are currently using for Main Lobby.

RM - General
This will show your current rating (old rating before this update). This player has an (old) rating of 1490. If this is selected in the main lobby, then your rating will change for back to normal what it was before the upgrade and you can see other users with old rating.



2. RM - 1v1 (new feature)
- In RM - 1v1 you can only play 1v1 games. All maps allowed.

- All matches from old 1v1 ladder were moved in players 1v1 rating and they now affect "Overall rating"

RM - 1v1
This will show your 1v1 rating. If this is selected in the Main lobby, then your rating will change for that specific ladder.



3. RM - team (new feature)
- Clan ladder where all players at the same side must be from same registered Voobly clan. Otherwise the game wont rate. Team rating also affects your "Overall rating". Example: ( [StorM]DreaIVIS,[StorM]Warning,[StorM]Disciple -vs- [RVK]Tim,[RVK]Missfeel,[RVK]RiuT)

- Clan ladder is now open for all Voobly users, for a limited time, in the future it will be a feature for premium teams and users.

RM - Clans
This will show your clans rating. If this is selected in the Main lobby, then your rating will change for that specific ladder.



Note: The rating displayed in options on the main client will show in the main lobby. If the ladder is changed in a game room, it will then show your rate in that game room with the ladder you select, but will not effect what is displayed on the main lobby. In the picture below, the rating selected in the Main lobby is RM General. In the game room, it's selected on RM 1v1.

Overall Rating combined with all ladders.

When combined rating is check, this player will show as 1506.


AoC: Custom Scenario

Custom Scenario players will now have their scenarios split into genres, meaning the ratings will be able to be more accurate and players will have to play a variety of different game types in order to become the highest overall player. The following is a list of the new ladders, it is recommended that you click on each link and check which ladder has your favourite scenarios.

CS Old Ladder
No need to use this anymore, It won't change your rating, this just contributes to your overall rating.

CBA Ladder
This ladder is now used to rate all Castle Blood Automatic (CBA) games, if you don't use this ladder when playing your game will not rate.
This is what your game settings should look like.

Castle Blood Ladder
Use this ladder if you want to play any of the following maps:
=V= CB Massacre v1,7.scx
=V= CBF - NoTower.scx
=V= CBF - Tower.scx
=V= CB LOD.scx
=V= CBT.scx
=V= CBX v4.scx
=V= BYO CB v2.scx
=V= Kings Conquest III.scx
=V= 10th Legion CB v2.scx
=V= Mini CB Classic v4.scx
=V= MCB Classic 3v3 fix.scx
=V= Mini CB Store v5.scx
=V= Mini CB Store V12.scx
=V= Mcb Auto.scx
=V= Nomad CB Kirazy.scx
=V= Rambit CB Classic.scx
=V= Rambit CB Final.scx
=V= Rambit CBG 1v1.scx
=V= Rambit CBA II.scx
=V= Rambit CBA v2.scx
=V= Rambit CBG 2010 v3.scx
=V= Rambit CB Gold 2011 v2.scx
=V= RCB 2012 F2.scx
=V= RCB Gold 2012 v3.scx
=V= Rambit CBG NoS AD.scx
=V= Random CB.scx
=V= Ultimate CBF v2.scx
if you don't use this ladder when playing your game will not rate.
This is what your game settings should look like.

Blood Ladder
This ladder is now used to rate all Blood games, if you don't use this ladder when playing your blood games will not rate.
This is what your game settings should look like.

Team/Clan Ladder
This ladder is open for all Voobly users, for a limited time, in the future this feature will become available for only premium teams and users. In this ladder you can battle another clan. Both teams have to consist of members from the same clan (eg. 3 s1L3nTs vs 3 LC's. not 1 s1L3nT & 2 ViCiouS vs 3 LC's) or it will not rate.
This is what your game settings should look like.

Alternative/Other Ladder
This ladder is only for all other rated maps that don't belong to the other genres. Here is a list of maps that you can play in this ladder:
=V= ACS Dodgeball v2.scx
=V= Art Of War.scx
=V= Art Of War No BBT.scx
=V= Ele Wars.scx
=V= Europe [L2P].scx
=V= Europe 2v2.scx
=V= Europe Random.scx
=V= Empire War v2.scx
=V= King of Towers.scx
=V= Line Wars AC.scx
=V= Hold The Flag 2,6.scx
=V= Lustful Encounters v7.scx
=V= Monk Parade.scx
=V= Paintball.scx
=V= Teams TD II v4.scx
=V= TTF Short.scx
=V= World Map.scx
This is what your game settings should look like.

To choose viewing a specific Ladder in the lobby to view all the rates

AoC: DeathMatch

AoC Deathmatch ladder features haven't been changed for now. Upgrade didn't affect the ladder yet, but if DM players come up with ideas, they can be implemented.

Why this new feature was made and is there going back?

This was mainly developed to help Custom Scenario players to divide different Custom Scenario gametypes to make ratings clearer and valid. But with your help, other gametypes can also take advantage of this new feature, developers can start upgrading the system and start showing more accurate info about what users rating consist of. This will give a detailed picture of users skills in certain maps and gametypes and so represents users rating more accurately.

How can I use the old rating system we had?

In all ladders you can easily change the ratings back to what they were before the upgrade. In the future, Custom Scenario's old ratings will be removed, leaving only the new ratings.

You can change lobby's rating view by clicking "Option"- panel in the lobby. There you need to hover over "Default rating"- menu and switch default rating to "RM - General" for example in RM. For other gametypes, choose the corresponding option.


To decide what rating ladder you want to view, again click "Options", then choose "Visible Rating" and pick what ratings you want to see, here is an example:


Future Development

For example in RM, you could in future show separate ratings for 1v1 arabia, michi, FR and LN maps. This can also be done other way around with teamgames. We will need more time to determine what kind of rating ladders users need and what would benefit the community most.

Let us know your suggestions and what is needed.

What has changed / SIMPLE RM VERSION

Nothing was removed during this upgrade. You can still play rated 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, Michi, LN and other games with your old rating. You can still play like before by doing this:

1. Change Main Lobby rating view to "RM - General". Follow these instructions.
2. Host a game. Choose "RM - General" from the dropdown-menu in game room. [You must login to view link].
3. Play, rating will be deducted or added to your old rating that is now called "RM - General".


All new features causes trouble and misunderstandings. New releases usually also have bugs. Here are few problems that we have already countered. If you can't find answer from here. Please post here.

Why do I have a different rating than before the update?

All lobbies have now "Overall rating" that is shown as default in your lobby profile. It will combine all ratings that you have in your profile and create an average rating that we call "Overall rating".

Why do I have a very low rating or negative rating after the update?

This is a minor bug that we have encountered. You can fix it by playing one rated game! If this problems comes up, don't worry, because other users still see your normal ratings. You will still see the wrong one.

Why certain map doesn't rate after I finish a game? (CS)

It's possible that this map has not been added to the rating system. Please notify Voobly staff member if this happens, post here.

Bug reporting

Report bugs with the new rating feature, post here.

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