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In this guide you will find information about how to use Voobly's forums.

How to access the forum

Getting on the forum can be performed in many different ways.
We can type the URL into our browser bar or just click on the Forum icon that we can see in every part of the Voobly website.

We can also get on the forum through the game browser by clicking on the Forum icon.

Choose the proper section of the forum

Once your on the forum you have to choose the proper section of the forum for your post/thread.
There are six different sections in the voobly forums, each of these sections has it's own purpose and covers different aspects from Technical Support/ Complaints to Suggestions
It's up to us to make sure we choose the right section.

Non-Technical Support

In Non-Technical Support section you can Appeal a Ban, Make a Complaint that is not game related, and also get General Support (Forgotten Password, All non-technical issues).

Technical Support

Here you can find lots of technical information about how to start playing on Vooby and how to solve problems that you might be having, you can also ask for help from Voobly tech support for problems you could not find the answer for by creating a thread.

Some useful Pages:
Help Center
Live help
Voobly Knowledge Base


Here we can fill out a complaint regarding any activity that requires the intervention of a moderator like requests to discipline players that behave incorrectly or to reset the games rating for which misconduct has occurred.
Remember to make sure you Post your complaint with the Match link/ required evidence to support your complaint. to find out what evidence you need please read the Banning and Rating Policies.

Each lobby has a different section to post your complaints in and it is up to us to make sure we post them in the correct section.


In general section we'll find topics about announcements, game suggestions, ideas and off topic discussions that can help you interact with the community and put forward your idea's to the Vooby community.


Listed here are all supported games for Voobly, for each game there are separate sections where you can talk about the game and discuss with other players strategies and tips.

Country Communities

Voobly also have Community sections for countries, here we can interact with someone of our own nationality or language and make new friends, exchange tips etc.

How to fill out a complaint

Now that we can find ourselves around the forum we can make an example of how to create a report:
Suppose we just played Age of Empires the conquerors in a CBA game where once the match ended we found that an error has occurred and all points were assigned to one player.
First choose the right Complaints section:

CBA is a custom scenario game so let's choose AoC CS Complaints.

Remember to make sure you Post your complaint with the Match link/ required evidence to support your complaint. to find out what evidence you need please read the Banning and Rating Policies. The Match link of the game will appear in the game room after game has finished and all players have returned from the game. another way you can find a match link is by looking on your profile under "Matches" tab.

Now just click ''create new Thread'' and fill the fields with what we want to write and than create it.

We just created a new complaint.

NOTE: We have to have the required information for each different situation, We need to bring the right evidence about what we're reporting to allow moderators to understand what really happened and can deal with the situation: Follow the instructions and provide the most information so that everything is clear and understandable.

Meaning of icons near threads

There is information like the Thread's Title/ Author , Number of Views and Replies and The last Person who commented on the thread. The Folder also gives information on whether we have already read this thread, the thread has new replies or if it's been moved/locked and so much more.

Thread locked

Thread - New Posts

Thread Pinned

Thread - No New Posts

Thread contains Poll

Thread You've interacted
- New posts

Thread has been moved

Thread You've interacted
- No New Posts

Keep track of what you write

In the event that you want to carefully follow a thread that have participated in, or even if you are simply very active in the forums and participate actively in many discussions, there is a way to keep track of everything and not go flipping through pages looking for the thread.
Threads, in which we participated in are visible in our profile under the posts tab.

This way we can check if somebody replied to our complaint/thread we made without needing to scroll again through all forum sections.

Keep track of scores and matches

Just like threads we can track our ratings and matches by clicking on those tabs in our profile. It's very easy and is an excellent way to improve ourselves in the game since we can download recorded games and learn from our mistakes.
We can also do this with other users profiles to find the matches/posts of other players.

How to PM a player (send a private message)

If we want to privately contact someone that we saw on the forum all we have to do is find his profile by clicking on its name or searching for it in the search bar.

To send them a message choose ''send a message'' just under there profile image:
This will open up a box.

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