A Beginners Starting Guide To LN Dark To Castle Age


Welcome to a Strategy Guide for those who want to get better at Land Nomad.
*This strategy guide will be base off of LAND NOMAD(fixed)
This map can be downloaded
LN Text Of Map
LN Fixed Map
Save it and then copy/paste here or your equivalent C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random.
Mini Map
ScreenShot026.gif]Mini Map

From here you can get 400+ maps that you download and unzip in to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random.
400+Random And Custom Maps
From here you can get recorded LN games
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Well to start it off there are 18 civs in AOC and there are two civilizations that you will start with that have more then 3 vils to start with at the beginning of the game(Mayans and Chinese)(4 and 6). The chances of getting Mayans or Chinese are a mere 11%(2/18).

At the beginning of the game your villagers are spread out throughout the map, You want to bring Your villagers together, to start creating a lumber. What I like to do is to bring my villagers to the center of the starting point of the villagers. This start 95% never fails me to get near a dear+boar patch and a overall pretty decent map.


So say that I have 2 villagers near the top of the map and one to the left side, I'll take my vils and move closer to the middle so that my far vil won't have to walk all the way up to the
top of the map.


When your villagers finally meet up, you only want one villager creating your lumber. The reason you only want 1 creating the lumber is that its slower to have all 3 villagers create the lumber at the same time, when you could start to collect wood right from the beginning with the other two.

At this time you should have collected some sheep, if you haven't already, you should ask your allies if they can send 3 sheep. I say 3-4 sheep, because that’s usually that amount in which you can scout your whole map*.

*Map - The area in which you're located at on the map. You only want to scout about 3 screens TOPS, but about 2 screens is required, if you plan on knowing your surroundings.

The simplest way to start scouting is to go into circles and spread your sheep out. Now you ask,"What am I looking for when I scout with my sheep?"
Well there are many things that you are looking for; Food*, Gold, Stone, Wood, and your enemies.
*Food - You’re looking for boars and deer herd near you. At the farthest you want to go for a deer patch is 2 screens away.
*Food - The farthest that you want to go for berries is just about 1 screen away, since you don't get any bonuses for gathering berries.


Say there is a deer patch that is two screens from your lumber, and say that the berries are only 1 screen away, its worth the risk to go for the deer.
Boars are a different story. Once you get the idea of how far your villagers can go to lure a boar and not DIE*.


A trick that some people don't know, and you might even find this helpful, when you see that your vil is about to die, say it has 7 hp left and the boar is about to attack your villagers build a house right where the boar is (which should be behind your villagers) (if your huns, trying building a palisade, but bigger buildings help better) The boar will stop, and move so that you can create your house. In this case your boar will run back to its starting point or just sit around a while then go back.

Always try and combine your mills and save yourself some wood.

Try and combine deer/berries if they are close enough together, but build your mill TOUCHING your berries.

Now to get back on topic, try finding at least a gold and stone patch near you, if you don't see any, try asking your allies, they might have seen something that you missed.
You have now collected 275 wood! You now have enough to create a TC (Town Center). What I like to do is have two villagers create the TC (Try to build the TC touching a Forest and somewhere near your food, not too far)* , and 1 villager gets the extra 30 wood for a house.


*(Anything farther then 1 screen away isn’t worth the walk)

(If your huns, then this won’t be needed, just get 3 vils on the TC (Town Center) ) Now depending on your speed, you could try and put 3 villagers on the TC right when u get 275, because it will create if faster, but as soon as you create it, you will have to throw 3 villagers on wood, and collect the wood fast. As soon as you collect the 30 wood u have to usually have 3 villagers create the house, so that your population won’t be halted. Now some people might ask, well I can just use loom, no worries. Wrong! You have to think of Loom like a saviour. You need to use it when you run out of food, or when you are going to get housed, (like I said without huns). I usually get loom around vilagerl 8-9
The build order I like to use, when I get the extra 30 wood when creating tc, is to first get the 30 wood, then make that villager to help create my TC. When it is created, then I have one of the villagers, it doesn’t really matter which and make the house outside the LOS (Line of Sight) of the TC. There is no difference if it is, but I just think of it as, more farm space( already thinking of Castle Age)

The Build Order

I like to use this order and it works 90% to get at least a 19 to 21 minte castle time, depending on the civ. This is the usual building order, with slight changes depending between civs, because of the bonuses.
****Now your house should have been created. When that vil is done, Your going to use him and collect and FS* (Free Sheep) that you see.

*Ask your allies if they see any FS themselves, because if you ask them, they might even send a few, if you need them. It’s also possible that they need FS also, so always ask, its worth it.
Right now I would just suggest getting LOOM, because you will be getting boars soon.(If boars aren't found anywhere)

Feudal Age

When you are going up, you are planning on going to castle as soon as your buildings are made.
-Now you want to create a Barracks if you are planning on makings knights, or some kind of army.

-If you aren't planning on making some kind of army , you are going to want to start making a blacksmith/market as soon as you feudal. ( You are going to want to have 2 vils on the market ( creating it) and 1 vil on the blacksmith, ( so that they are created at the same time)(The market takes a bit longer to create)
Your Feudal NOW.

-by the time you get to Feudal, you are going to make 2 villagers, usually I send them to gold because I'll be going some kind of mini boom.

-Some people prefer going to stone for TC's but I found out with lots of test games, that if you collect stone ( not for a castle obviously) but for a TC, its just easier to to purchase the stone, or to create the first tc near wood/stone mine.
If your mongols or some civ that has a LOT of food, you are going to want to get your Lumber and your Gold upgrade as soon as you get to feudal, because you'll be collecting the food/gold/wood that much faster.
If your not collecting that much food, that is fine you can wait till you hit the up- button to go to castle. Then you will get your wood upgrade FIRST, then if the resources allow you will get the gold upgrade.

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