Microsoft Ants
Microsoft Ants
It's your ant colony against your opponents' colonies, finding and collecting as much food as possible before time runs out. Pick up and use the Power Ups to turn your regular ant into a SwimAnt, BombAnt, ThiefAnt, FireAnt, or CombAnt. Use these upgraded ants to gather food more quickly, steal food from your opponents, or duke it out with your opponents' ants as they carry food back to their AntHill.

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Microsoft Ants Lobbies

Lobby NamePlayers OnlineRatings
Ants & Uncles 2 General
Dân số hiện tại:
WolfpacK_FeAge in TG 18+ (25 Người chơi)
Tony in 1vs1 Hun Wars (23 Người chơi)
Spring_ in 1v1 ara 2k1+ (22 Người chơi)
Clan War thought/idea (16 Người chơi)
3D-Printed Town Centre (5 Người chơi)
Eot vs Kebab Team CS Event (5 Người chơi)
Counter-Strike 2D (5 Người chơi)
Chủ đề tích cực nhất tuần qua:
Word Association (25 Bài viết)
Clan War thought/idea (24 Bài viết)
Counter-Strike 2D (16 Bài viết)
cs dying ? (16 Bài viết)
Sale of Retail Games (9 Bài viết)
3D-Printed Town Centre (7 Bài viết)