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T90 Community Games Maps

by AlgernonR (among others) - 2976 downloads

This mod installs the following maps as seen in the T90 Community Game streams.

T90_BR_ForestNothingv3 by HenkDeSuperNerd
Combine Forest Nothing with the crazy Battle Royale mode created by HenkDeSuperNerd and you have this map. Wololo Kingdoms is needed
T90_BR_LandNomadv3 by HenkDeSuperNerd
In this Battle Royale map players decide themselves where to place their base - will they go to the middle to avoid the storm for as long as possible but risk becoming a target or will they go towards the resources further out before heading inwards?
Wololo Kingdoms is needed
T90_DavesFunHouse_Light by Matthew
This map pits players, not only versus one another but also versus the angry wildlife surrounding them. This light version of DavesFunHouse is more open and has less wood in the centre, making it the preferred version to use for King of the Hill game.
T90_DeforestNothing v4 by AlgernonR
This map starts off like a regular Forest Nothing game, but animal corpses are spread around in the centre of the map and when those run out of wood the whole area opens up. Also includes some special units and ways to get gold or other bonuses from killing kings. Supposed to be played on King of the Hill.
T90_Dolphin_Nothing_KOTH_Regi by superlisko
The whole map is mangrove shallows with dolphins as far as your eyes can see. Small patches of wood and some relics to fight for as well. This version of the Dolphin_Nothing map has a built in Regicide mode, so it can be combined with King of the Hill.
T90_EcoArabiaV2 by SnippyInDaHouse
Start with 200 vils on Arabia, however you cant build any more vils. When do you start to delete your vils?
T90_ForestNothing2018 by HenkDeSuperNerd
Forest Nothing is the map we all love to hate. Its a slow paced map where you have to chop your way from your tiny little clearing to the bases of your enemies. This version is made by HenkDeSuperNerd and includes both balance changes and additional features such as a built in Regicide mode if selecting Low resources.
T90_Harambe's Jungle by smarthy
This is a peaceful map - until you happen to come across one of the many Harambe's lurking around in the jungle. Beware.
T90_OddworldPrison v3 by AlgernonR
Your TC is surrounded by a ring of wood. When you chop the trees down they become trees. What? Try again. Now they become berries. Nice, you wanted food. Now they become berries again.. At last you are free to roam the rest of the map. Made to be played with King of the Hill.
T90_Pilgrims_KOTH_Regicide by Shulker
A new take on the popular regicide map Pilgrims.
T90_Pilgrims_Nothing_v1.1 by DUXthesavior
A new take on the popular regicide map Pilgrims - in this one however, the whole mainland is covered with trees. You need to get chopping if you want to avoid being hit by galley fire.
T90_RandomSomethingExtreme v5_Regi by AlgernonR
This map is a lottery in which every player will start with a random set of units and buildings - some may get lucky and get a Castle, 2 monks, 2 extra TCs and a Trade Workshop while others may simply have their one TC and 3 vils. Is this fair? No. Can it be fun? Yes.
T90_REDv2 by HenkDeSuperNerd
The ultimate random map, and an amazing map design. You never know what the map layout will look like, what units you will start with or what settings you will play on.
T90_RelicMania v4 by AlgernonR
This map is a combination of Sudden Death and Capture the Relics. Four different map layouts in one, and the first person to get a certain amount of relics (as shown in one of the four corners of the map) will be the winner. How do you get relics? You destroy Town Centers.
T90_RelicNothingV2 by SnippyInDaHouse
You start with a Town Center/Market/Monastery and there are relics everywhere. Just everywhere.
T90_Tiger_Woods_1.1 by superlisko
Forest Nothing with mangrove jungle - and with tigers hidden among the trees.
T90_TreelicNothing v2 by AlgernonR
Forest Nothing-like map with lots of relics hidden among the trees and in the middle of the map.
T90_WildlifeMayhemV2 by SnippyInDaHouse
You start in a small enclosed area, with TC, vils a horse and a penguin. Yes, a penguin.. Outside of your little safe zone lays a land where the wildlife has taken over completely.
[email protected]_Bird's Nest Regicide v9 by AlgernonR
You start with only one next-door neighbor - after a certai amount of time the walls of rotting animal corpses will disappear and you will face the rest of the players.
[email protected]_BlowyBoi_Slinger by Turbonux
King of the Hill and Regicide-combo with a powerful hero unit for every player to unlock. The hero unit wields a very powerful ranged weapon with high dmg and big splash radius. The unit you start with is locked behind 3000 gold so players need to go mining. Each player also have a Catethdral building in which you can garrison units as well as create new hero units, if you can afford to do so.
[email protected]_Colloseum_KOTH_Regicide by StRode
Colloseum is a KOTH map with shallows around the monument, making demolition ships a common unit choice... This version of Colloseum adds a built in regicide option, for a combined Regicide + KOTH setting.
[email protected]_FeitoriaFiesta v7 by AlgernonR
Each player owns a Feitoria, and if you lose it you are defeated. Taking over other people's feitorias can grow your economy, but you dont want too many since your population space will also get limited quickly. Made to be played with KOTH.
[email protected]_ISLANDofCannibalism by Hony1717
This map doesnt let you build market or mills, rather every unit killed will carry food ready to be collected. Make sure to explore outside islands to find delicious kings to bring back to you town center. Play on KOTH.
[email protected]_King_of_Kings5.7 by Roechelrochen
A great King of the Hill + Regicide map with both land and water to fight for. In each corner of the map there are visible areas with golds and stones, having access to one or more of those is important. Play on King of the Hill, Regicide mode is built in.
[email protected]_KingoftheBog by HenkDeSuperNerd
Another King of the Hill map. In this one players have a slice of the map for themselves, with shallows and forest separating them on the sides to the other players. Players will want to fight for middle control however where in the early game there are extra water buffalos, and in the later stages all relics and extra stones and golds are.
[email protected]_Mouldy_PizzaR by CalmEnigma
This King of the Hill map features both water and land and nasty surprises in the woodlines beetween players, so beware of overchopping.
[email protected]_Mouldy_Ravioli by CalmEnigma
Players start with a trade workshop each, and if they lose it they die. Add to that a maze in the middle of the map which will open up after a certain time. There are also extra units to collect in the maze.
[email protected]_RageQuitRelics2 by HenkDeSuperNerd
This Capture the Relics map is based around a relic spawner in the middle of the map, every 15 minutes a new relic will appear so players need to time their middle presence right.
[email protected]_SpiralingRegicide by AlgernonR
Players start in the middle of the map on an island with only wood and boars. Players will need to branch out to the outer rim of the map where there are lots of resources. If played on KOTH players will need to return to the middle at some point. Can be played either on Regicide diplo or KOTH FFA.
[email protected]_T90OfficialNothing by HenkDeSuperNerd
A map in the shape of the T90Official logo. Nomad start. You gotta love a map that includes a Dave's corner, right?
[email protected]_T90Woo by HenkDeSuperNerd
A map in the shape of the t90Woo emote. Play on King of the Hill. This map is all about wolves, and each player start with a hero wolf called Tristan.
[email protected]_T90vsBro by AlgernonR
This map is strictly for 2 people, the host will start with a monk and just 3 vils out in the desert while the other player will have a fortress with extra vils, towers and walls. Make sure that the better player is host. :D Famously played by T90 vs his brother during the 24 hour stream in december 2018.

The maps will be installed both for regular AoC and for Wololo Kingdoms, note however that some of the maps are made for Wololo Kingdoms and won't work as intended if played without WK it.

If you want to learn more about these maps, and others - there is more to read in [You must login to view link].
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