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Flag War

by Gallas - 141 downloads

This modded map works ONLY with the custom patch!

You need both patch and data mod selected to make it work properly.

Capture the Flag from the middle of the map and bring it to your base!
You can upgrade your Unit at the Pavilon behind your base (CTRL+S hotkey).

Food = kills (10 food / kill)
Gold = Your team's flag scores
Stone = Enemy team's flag scores

Host can set 3-5-10 flag victory condition
Host can set flag spawn by time (3-10) or by scoring
Host can set flag will be removed or stay in base after scoring

1. team score = Feudal Age tech are avaliable
2. team score = Castle Age tech are avaliable
3. team score = Imperial Age tech are avaliable

Supported team settings: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4

NOT supported team settings: FFA, 2v2v2, 2v2v2v2

(how to drop the Flag in your base)

(click the picture for a bigger image)

  • You can't attack by right clicking on enemy, also your Unit won't auto-target enemy players.
    You have to aim!
  • You can only attack with the ground attack (button T) like catapult, bombard cannon or trebuchet (similar like Dodgeball games or Run and Gun).
  • Picking up/dropping flag works like with relics and monks.
  • Your Unit with Flag is always visible in fog and 40% slower!
  • If you die you will respawn after 20 second at your base, but each death will extend this time by 2 second.
  • Try to not stand at Flag spawn location if there is no Flag or your unit will be removed.

Special thanks to:
- Keisari Tapsa, Ruralist and DiGiT for modding tools
JustTesting1234 for the unique interface element! Without you this map could not be made :)

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