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Empire Wars

by Pancrol - 2046 downloads

Help us improve this mod by creating more Empire Wars scenarios, read our [You must login to view link]on how to do so.

Play the new game mode Empire Wars from Definitive Edition on Voobly. This mod adds several Empire Wars scenarios and a script that randomly samples them so that you don't play the same scenario twice.

Since this is still a proof of concept, be aware of the following:
  • The mod fully works on v1.6 Game Data. Until we update Wololo Kingdoms DE, several civilizations will have bugs. The affected civilizations are:
    • Chinese, Mayans and Incas will receive their additional units in the Town Center when you build the second one in Castle Age.
    • Sicilians' starting Town Center doesn't count for First Crusade.
How to play
  • In order to play Empire Wars, appart from this mod, you need to use Patch v1.6 and either Comunity Patch v1.6 or Wololo Kingdoms DE:
  • This mode is played via custom scenarios, select that option in the game.
  • If you are the host of the game, wait until everyone has joined before clicking on "Ready". The game needs time to identify who is the host in order to sync the empire wars scenarios so that everyone has the same one.

How to report bugs on the scenarios
If you see an error in one of the maps (wrong number of villagers, wrong distribution on resources, camps badly placed...):
  1. DO NOT CLOSE THE GAME, as the patch will overwrite the faulty scenario the next time you launch the game.
  2. Head to the Objectives window. There you will see the name of the creator and the date the scenario was created.
  3. Use those values to locate and check the scenario in "Voobly Mods\AOC\Local Mods\Empire Wars\EW_Arabia_1v1" and report it to us.

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