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Voobly Balance Patch 1.05

by The Voobly Balance Team - 2163 downloads

A balance patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, and created by a group of high level players.

Please note that recorded games that originate from this (or any other) patch can only be viewed by opening the game through the Voobly client, and using the appropriate patch.

Voobly Balance Patch 1.05 (Release Date: July 7th, 2016)

Bug Fixes:

1. Wall ****s/columns have their LOS restored, due to bugs with how wall pieces interact with each other.
2. Lone Wanderer (Odin's technology) affects the starting Ulfsark.
3. Walking Woods can now be cast on Gaia's forest.


1. Frozen Wastes added to the random map set.
2. Nile Delta removed from the random map set.
3. Blue Lagoon's hunting amounts are no longer very static; the map now has low, medium, and high hunt variations.
4. Several other maps have been tweaked slightly to optimize resource placement.
5. Walls cost Greek, Norse, and Egyptian cost 50% more, to match the Atlantean wall price.
--- a. Wall column - 5 (from 3)
--- b. Wall segment short - 9 (from 6)
--- c. Wall segment medium - 9 (from 6)
--- d. Wall segment long - 23 (from 15)
--- e. Gate - 23 (from 15)


1. Forge of Olympus' effect has been improved so that it provides a 60% discount on armory technologies (from 50%).
2. Cyclops' upgrade Will of Kronos' favor cost reduced to 10 (from 25).
3. Zeus's favor gathering bonus reduced from .38 to .30.
(note: this change was originally introduced in 1.04 as a reduction to .25, however that change accidentally ever placed into effect)


1. Shifting Sands can no longer shift enemy villagers.
2. Eclipse now only improves minion attack by 25% (was 50%).
3. Sea Snake's hack armor increased to 30/35 (from 5/20). Serpeant's armor increased to 30/35 (from 15/20).
4. Serpent Spear's cost decreased to 175F 10 Favor (from 250F 12 favor).
5. Necropolis boosts Monuments' favor rate by +30% (from +10%).
6. Set's converted animals have a 10% speed penalty in the Archaic Age.
7. All of Set's animals have their attack reduced by 65% in Archaic Age (previously 40%).
8. Several Set animals' have their conversion time increased:
--- a. Lion increased to 60 (from 30).
--- b. Boar, Auroch, Water Buffalo, and Hippopatamos to 70 (from 60).
--- c. Rhinoceros and Elephant to 80 (from 70).
9. Set's animals spawned from the Pharoah and temple have been improved, as follows:
--- a. Ape of Set - Favor cost lowered to 3 in Archaic age, 2 in Classical age.
--- b. Gazelle of Set - Favor cost lowered to 2, available food increased to 100.
--- c. Hyena of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3.
--- d. Giraffe of Set - Favor cost reduced to 3, available food increased to 200.
--- e. Crocodile of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4.
--- f. Hippopatamos of Set - Favor cost reduced to 4, available food increased to 300.
--- g. Rhinoceros of Set - Favor cost reduced to 6.
--- h. These animals all have a population of 1, exept for the Rhinoceros, which is 2.
10. Skin of the Rhino can now be researched in the temple, but starting only in the Classical Age.


1. Medium Archer technology is free again.
2. Gaia's economy technologies (including fishing ship upgrades) can now be researched in any age, similar to how the Thor armory works.
3. Gaia's fishing technologies now receive the discount the economic guild technologies receive (-30%).
4. Channels is moved to the Economic Guild, and its speed bonus (20%) also affects fishing ships and caravans.
5. Kronos' siege units and myth units are now 10% faster.
6. Kronos' timeshift of Fortresses and Towers now only costs 75W and 75G (from 200W 100G).
7. Kronos' special technology, Focus, can be researched in the Economic Guild; the technology now additonally improves hero oracle's hitpoints and attack by 20%.
8. Oracle Hero's default stance changed from passive to aggressive.
9. Fire Siphon's wood cost decreased to 200 wood (from 275).
10. Contarius' food cost decreased to 60 (from 70). Contarius' hero's food cost decreased to 80 (from 85).
11. The eggs in the Spider Lair God Power take 5 seconds to hatch (from 2).
12. Satyr's base attack increased from 12 to 22. Satyr's special attack is increased from 22 to 27, the special also does splash damage (similar to the Manticore), and the special's recharge time decreased from 20 to 16.
13. Gemino's wood cost decreased from 200 (from 300), and the research time decreased to 35 seconds (from 50).
14. Horns of Consecration now increases TC favor gather rate by 20% (was 11%).


1. Ulfsarks, Throwing Axemen, and Huskarl build town centers 10% faster.
2. Ulfsarks receive a 10% bonus vs Cavalry.
3. Bragi's Swine Array gives Ulfsarks +90% bonus vs Cavalary, instead of +100%.
4. Safeguard (Heimdall's tower tech) can now be researched in the temple (previously just the town center).
5. Nidhogg's patch 1.04 boost has been removed, except for the speed boost, which remains.
6. Loki's Hersir speed boost is no longer automatic, but is now an effect of his unique technology Eyes in the Forest. The technology's favor cost increased to 5 (from 2), and can now also be researched in the temple.
7. Loki's Battle Boar's speed decreased by 12% (to 4.75, from 5.40).
8. Axe of Muspell's gold cost reduced to 100G (from 250G). The technology now grants a 2.5 attack bonus against flying units (was 2).
9. Berserkergang's favor cost reduced to 30 (from 45).
10. The Walking Wood tree's population cost decreased to 1 (from 4).
11. Odin's Jarl's receive an additonal 5% hitpoint bonus (to 15%).
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