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Voobly Balance Patch 1.02

by The Voobly Balance Team - 715 downloads

A balance patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, and created by a group of high level players.

Please note that recorded games that originate from this (or any other) patch can only be viewed by opening the game through the Voobly client, and using the appropriate patch. When updates are made, this mod will be updated, and secondary, archive mods will be provided to maintain the ability of watching replays.

Balance Changes:

- All of the maps in the standard "Random" map set have been updated and rebalanced.
- Alfheim, for example, can no longer have units placed on top of cliffs.
- Added a new map, Blue Lagoon, to the regular random set.
- Reduced wall repair rate by 65%.
- Contains all the changes of the Voobly Balance Patch 1.01.

- Bolt no longer affects villagers and myth transport units.
- Reduced Underworld Passage repair rate by 75%.
- Reduced Centaur special multiplier on villagers to 0.75 (resulting in 2 special and 2 regular attacks for a non-atlantean villager kill).

- Axe of Muspell available in Classical Age rather than in Heroic Age.
- Reduced the research time of Ring Giver by 40% to 36 seconds as well as the favor cost to 20 (was: 30).

- Gaia's heroes are 30% cheaper.
- Reduced Shockwave stun time by 50% to 2 seconds.
- Regular Oracles no longer show up as idle military units.

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