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Voobly Balance Patch 1.01

by Numerous high level players - 1492 downloads

A basic balance and bug-fixing patch for Age of Mythology: The Titans, sanctioned by Voobly's and RTS-Sanctuary's administration, created by a group of high level players.

The patch will receive updates a few times a year, and will be required for rated games in the future.

Note that recorded games that originate from this (or any other) patch can only be viewed by opening the game through the Voobly client, and using the appropriate patch. When updates are made, this mod will be updated, and secondary, archive mods will be provided to maintain the ability of watching replays, however those mods will not be usable for rated matches.

Bug fixes:
    Tornado can't be manually controlled anymore.
    Ajax Spawn hack eliminated.
    Hippolyta’s minion conversion bug fixed.
    Healing Spring can't be deconstructed anymore.
    Undermine now affects mirror towers.
    Docks now shoot at all naval myth units.
    The Satyr's accurate attack now works.
    Gastraphetes can now be garrisoned.
    Oracle Scout can now be garrisoned and is affected by all myth unit special attacks.
    Set animals are no longer ignored by frost.
    Caribous of Set now convert nearby herdables and are affected by Traitors.
    The kraken special attack now works on the Atlantean Fireship.
    Atlantean citadel centers now provide favor.
    DeathMatch no longer researches the "Disable Atlantean Favor" technology.
    Fire siphons are now able to hit buildings from high/low ground at max range.
    Destroyers’ bonus attack now affects buildings generated by god powers
    Argo now gets the hero flag and is not affected by myth unit special attacks
    Leviathans now use the aggressive stance
    Sun Ray technology now affects Medusas
    The Reed of Nekhebet (scenario only) relic now affects Nereides
    Meteor, Pestilence, Restoration and Lightning storm now display their real range
    Rain no longer creates an effect above docks/fishing ships
    Changed the caravan unit stance to aggressive to fix the caravan drop-off bug.
    Titan gates are now deletable.
    Atlanteans can now research draft horses at the palace.
    Changed the initial stance of fishing ships to aggressive to fix the drop-off bug.
    Transport ships can no longer carry Nereids.
    New Kingdom Pharaohs and Son of Osiris are now affected by Funeral Rites and Spirit of Maat.
    New Kingdom Pharaohs are no longer slower than the basic ones.

Map changes:
    Town center, food and gold location imbalances have been greatly reduced.
    Food sources are more evenly divided and initial hunt no longer spawns outside of LOS on low hunt maps.
    Increased minimal number of initial berries from 2 to 5 on Midgard. Moved the initial fish trio closer to the players.
    Provided a map set that excludes Highland.
    Towers are more likely to protect the initial gold.
    Chickens/berries no longer spawn on top of gold mines.

Balance Changes :

    Initial Ulfsark replaced by a Skraeling. Stats will be modified to match the Ulfsark. Passive stance will be allowed on this unit, and it cannot be bolted.
    Shifting Sands' potential on enemy units reduced by 50%.
    Shifting sands no longer affects ox carts.
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