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Random Ladder

by Barry aka Masta aka EorltheYoung aka Idoit - 780 downloads



  1. Download
  2. Enter a game room
  3. Enable Random Ladder under game mod options
  4. (Optional) Choose Random Ladder under Ladder options
  5. Launch
  6. Choose =V= Random Lite in the Scenario menu

Important Updates

Random TG Removed for foreseeable future.
Random Lite has been edited to be a lot more accessible to new players.

Random Lite Map List

=V= Archers Blood Teams.scx

Archers Blood with spots selected based on the teams.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Bacteria v4.scx

Based on Germs Blood. A streamlined version that encourages dynamic play. Place units on the flag and/or band behind your base to create them.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Deathrow v5.scx

Start with two strong heroes and a militia spawn. Get resources from kills, razings and keeping units on the middle area. Advance up the ages and create new units to place on the ice behind your base.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Gwarz v9.scx

Like deathrow, with the following differences:
You can forage bushes in the top right corner of the map.
You have a market and thus can tribute to ally and buy and sell resources.
War elephants are capped at 20 population. Elite at 15.
You receive villagers and can build towers and walls.
Disabled techs: Artillery (Turks), Mahouts (Persians)

Download | Mapshot

=V= Khans Blood v4.scx

Genghis Khan will spawn up to 40 population. No kill rewards but razing gives you repair villagers.
The only goal is for every enemy tower to be down.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Lustful Encounters v8.scx

You will receive 2 villagers after a few seconds. Build fast and fight.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Nova Blood v5.scx

An old AoK map, fight and get kills and razings and kill your enemy as soon as possible.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Path Blood v4.scx

Choose a unit by using a petard to open paths behidn your base. Beginners should choose jaguar warrior or plumed archer paths. This map also requires you to quickly kill enemies.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Radical Blood Teams.scx

A simple AoK map, create Throwing Axemen from your spawn island and get a razing at your enemy to receive five genghis khans as well as reinforcements.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Ray Blood v4.scx

v4 changes
All techs so all civs get same bonuses.

Download | Mapshot

=V= Smosh SF v5.scx

Download | Mapshot

=V= Veteran Blood v8.scx

Create woad raiders by placing a king in front of them at your spawn island. Put your hero unit on the middle hill and try to kill the enemy heroes.

Download | Mapshot

=V= War of Attrition v8.scx

Create units at the back of your base and build population. Make sure to fight at the middle area as you get significant resources for being there. The small hill in the center of this middle area will give a powerup every five minutes.

Download | Mapshot

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