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BattleShip Blood

by Gallas - 658 downloads



Base informations

Guide link for the mod

This mod is RATED in CS - Casual ladder (AoC Rated Custom Scenarios).



Technical stuffs

Version log

Current version 1.0.1:
1.0.1-Fixed one music bug with visual mod
1.0.1-Fixed Cannon ships' attack bug
1.0.1-Siege brireme got +1 damage
1.0.1-All arrow ships' secondary projectile got a few extra damage
1.0.1-Cannon and Turtle ships' (+Ironclad's) melee armor reduced
1.0.0-Fixed one visual bug
0.9.8-Hops wrong slp
0.9.7-Background music added
0.9.7-Submarine moving under the water
0.9.7-Submarine's elite upgrade changed
0.9.7-New feature! - Catch up system
0.9.6-Watch tower's 10+10 attack fixed to 20
0.9.6-China's civ bonus fixed
0.9.6-P1's anchor is colored to blue
0.9.5-New feature! - In your Accursed Tower you can send to other position your navy
0.9.5-New feature! - In your Accursed Tower you can kill enemy player's creator units for 1 wood
0.9.5-New feature! - To make endgame faster new kill rewards after spies.
0.9.5-All ships move faster a bit
0.9.5-All ships got +1 special damage
0.9.5-All Fire ship +1 base damage
0.9.5-Scorpion Galleon and -B- Apache helicopter got +1 special damage
0.9.5-Fire ships' fire penetrate after level 7
0.9.5-Some ship got better LoS
0.9.5-PANIC no longer destroy user's base randomly.
0.9.5-Huns' War galley's graphics fixed
0.9.5-Arrow towers do 2x more damage and +1 range (accu +2)
0.9.5-Bombard Tower's -10% armor
0.9.5-Bombard Tower's projectile from now penetrate
0.9.4-All upgrade need -50% kills
0.9.4-Added some extra hints
0.9.3-Sea walls no longer count as raze
0.9.3-Cannon ballistics now affect on Catapults ships too
0.9.3-Torpedo's upgrade from age up increased
0.9.3-Chinese and Huns civ bonus reworked
0.9.2-Dock visible in fog
0.9.2-Panic cost increased from 1 to 3
0.9.2-Panic and Middle blast button moved to page one and available from dark age
0.9.2-Torpedo cost reduced from 20 to 15
0.9.2-Razes from now gives gold
0.9.2-Kills reworked
0.9.2-Specialism research time reduced from 20 to 10
0.9.1-Everyone starts with 2 wood
0.9.1-Everyone gets 2 wood / 10 minutes
0.9.1-PANIC cost 1 wood
0.9.1-Middle blast cost 2 wood
0.9.1-Bombard towers +1 range
0.9.1-Some new tips
0.9.0-First public version


This mod not compatible with the following Visual mods:
- Advanced Spec
- Blue Berries
- HD Units re-skin
- Pumpkin Patch
If you will use these Visual mods, you will get the "black box bug".


Total triggers: 1 305
Conditions: 2 147
Effects: 8 516
Map size: 200x200

Torpedo blood

This is a quick "Saboteurs-race" like map. Torpedo the enemy base before too late!
[You must login to view link]
(click on image to download the .scx and save it to \Age of Empires II\Scenario\ directory)

CBA on Water

Play with your Apache Helicopter against fleets in the known CBA map system!
(click on image to download the Visual mod)

Special thanks

- Keisari Tapsa's and DiGiT's aoe tools
- Hawk_Adongct's Apache Helicopters
- Knaber's Turtle ship color fix
- Aoe1 and Aoe3 for new ships

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