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999 Taunts

by its_n3tino, KinGDooM - 7158 downloads

Get taunts 1 to 999 that have been fixed to not crash your game as some people had this issue in the past. Taunts make the game experience a lot better and you will never memorize all 999 taunts so pressing enter during the game and randomly typing a number between 1-999 can be unexpectedly funny if the right taunt comes along.

These taunts work for Age Of Empires II and the Conquerors/Forgotten Empires Expansions and will also work on Age of Empires, Rise Of Rome, Age of Kings, Age of Mythology, Age Of Empires III.

Download Links (~44Mb):

Mediafire: [You must login to view link]

Depositfiles: [You must login to view link]

So go ahead and download these taunts and unzip them to your "C:\Program files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Taunt" folder (make sure you delete everything inside taunt folder first!) and come play some Age Of Empires II: The Conqueror's expansion or the Forgotten Empires expansion.

PS: If you are on Windows XP do not play these taunts on Windows Media Player because it adds code to taunt and makes your game crash when you hear them in game. Use VLC media player instead.

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Complete List of all 999 Taunts:

01 Yes
02 No
03 Food, please
04 Wood, please
05 Gold, PLease
06 Stone, please
07 Ahh
08 All Hail
09 Oooh
10 Back to Age 1
11 Herb laugh
12 Being rushed
13 Blame your isp
14 Start the game
15 Don't Point That Thing
16 Enemy Sighted
17 It Is Good
18 I Need a Monk
19 Long Time No Siege
20 My granny
21 Nice Town I'll Take It
22 Quit Touchin
23 Raiding Party
24 Dadgum
25 Smite Me
26 The wonder
27 You play 2 hours
28 You Should See the Other Guy
29 Roggan
30 Wololo
31 Attack an Enemy Now
32 Cease Creating Extra Villagers
33 Create Extra Villagers
34 Build a Navy
35 Stop Building a Navy
36 Wait for My Signal to Attack
37 Build a Wonder
38 Give Me Your Extra Resources
39 Nom Nom Nom pt1
40 Nom Nom Nom pt2
41 Nom Nom Nom pt3
42 What Age Are You In
43 Hey, you're in deep doh now
44 doheth
45 Excellent
46 Release the hounds
47 Why you little
48 You guys suck
49 haahahahaahaaahaha
50 You are an ****, hahahahahahaha
51 hehe what a dork hehehe
52 Run away! Run away!
53 There's only two ways this can end
54 Stop pummelling me! It's really painful!
55 (Voice) (Evil Laugh)
56 (Voice) Burn baby burn
57 (Voice) Chicken Ass
58 (Voice) Clean up on isle 5
59 (Voice) Damn I'm good
60 (Voice) Do you smell something burning
61 (Voice) Die, Weakling!
62 (Voice) Forget the brown bag - you need a body bag
63 (Voice) Get'em
64 (Voice) Going, Going, Gone
65 (Voice) Good One!
66 (Voice) He's outta there
67 (Voice) I - am the angel of death
68 (Voice) I regret nothing
69 (Voice) I'll see you in hell!
70 (Voice) Is it hot in here, or is it just me
71 (Voice) Is there a doctor in the house
72 (Voice) Keep the change
73 (Voice) Now that's a blue light special
74 (Voice) Oh - Did that hurt
75 Listen, you haven't seen the coolest part, this is gonna blow you away
76 (Voice) Oww - do you have a booboo
77 (Voice) Oww, with the birthday suit
78 (Voice) See you in hell
79 (Voice) Show no mercy
80 (Voice) Sissy!
81 (Voice) Smells like chicken
82 (Voice) Today is a good day to die
83 (Voice) Ummm, I love a good bbq
84 (Voice) Hoohah!
85 (Voice) Wussie
86 (Voice) You should've gone to Disney Land
87 (Voice) You're gonna need a massage after this
88 (Voice) You're gonna pay for that
89 (Voice) You're the man
90 I have a very bad feeling about this
91 hahahahahaha
92 That was a record!
93 I'll soon rule the world, but first you have to die
94 hAAhahaHaha
95 I'm trying to think but nothing happens
96 You want it sugar coated or between the eyes
97 Uh oh, I almost made a booboo
98 See this, this is my boom stick!
99 Somebody Dial 911!
100 (Star Wars) All too easy
101 (Star Wars) Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen
102 (Star Wars) I find your lack of faith disturbing
103 (Star Wars) I think it is time to demonstrate the full power of this station
104 I will do, what must be done
105 (Star Wars) If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine
106 (Star Wars) It is pointless to resist
107 (Star Wars) There is no escape, don't make me destroy you
108 (Star Wars) (Jabba Laughs)
109 (Star Wars) (Yoda Laughs)
110 Die you son of a ****
111 (Star Wars) Move the fleet away from the deathstar
112 (Star Wars) Ummmmmmm
113 Life's a ****, and then you die
114 (Star Wars) You may fire when ready
115 (Star Wars) You must learn the ways of the force
116 (Star Wars) You should not have come back
117 I'm gonna kick your ass, ****
118 There's nothing you can do about it, cause I'm a mad man
119 Rock and Roll
120 Oh I'm so scared
121 Your getting pretty ambitious ain't ya
122 ORLY!
123 You made a mistake, well that was entirely unacceptable
124 Are you still there
125 Ooh that's gotta hurt
126 Buckle up bonehead, cause you're going for a ride
127 Chucky's Laugh
128 You know what I mean by assaulted, well i mean assaulted!
129 That's it, lets do it I'm ready
130 You know, could put somebody's eye out with that thing
131 How we doing, same as always, that bad eh
132 Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station
133 You are beaten, it is useless to resist
134 If you only knew the power of the dark side
135 Don't make me destroy you
136 That's impossible even for a computer
137 I better get out of here while the getting's good
138 Well blow me down
139 Strength in Unity!
140 Oh boy that felt good
141 Watch it buster
142 A guy could get killed out there in the country, with all them guns going off
143 Kiss my curvy but goodbye
144 Mother said there'd be days like this
145 Now now, don't be bashful
146 My, aren't we touchy today
147 Aye come here, Ive got something good for you, come on come on
148 Muahahaha
149 Fear clutches my breast
150 (Austin Powers) (Evil Laugh)
151 Hey, **** you
152 Woah! what the hell's your problem
153 (Austin Powers) Come Mr. Bigglesworth (meow)
154 Trololo-Family Guy
155 (Austin Powers) I shall call him mini me
156 (Austin Powers) I'm gonna go back to the 60s and steal Austin Power's mojo
157 (Austin Powers) I'm gonna get you Austin Powers
158 I am gravely disappointed in you
159 (Austin Powers) I've been a frickin evil doctor for 30 frickin years, ok
160 (Austin Powers) Mr President in 12 hours I'll destroy Washington DC with this giant laser
161 (Stewie) SAY WHAT!
162 Our thoughts are one!
163 Yes i'm sorry, I do not speak english, ok
164 Triumph through Sacrifice!
165 Has it all been, for NOTHING!
166 (Austin Powers) Why make Trillions when you can make billions
167 Damn you all to hell!
168 Now that's an ass wooping
169 Common, quit stalling!
170 Now look it, I say look it here
171 Heh, guess they're excited
172 I still got the touch
173 HAHA, Assholes!
174 Come on now, lets get this army of mine back in the war
175 Now don't you bet your life on it
176 COOL!
177 You must play me again
178I gotta go to the bathroom!
179 You poor little man, did I hurt you with my naughty gun
180 (bugle call)
181 ****s, I've got ****s on my team
182 You know, It could be worse
183 What do we do now soldier
184 Now listen to me, I beg of you not to do this
186 That's hitting low
187 Never say die!
188 You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed
189 No no, don't do that, if you shoot him you'll just make him mad
190 Remember to upgrade at the blacksmith, you do have a blacksmith right
191 What's it like knowing your about to die
192 when it comes to chowing down on a real man, you're quite the little wussie ain't ya
193 I cant cope with this, I will go lie down somewhere
194 He will be fun to break
195 I die with honor
196 I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen
197 By your command
198 Bye Bye boys, have fun storming the castle
199 (Saw) I want to play a game
200 What we've got here is, failure to communicate
201 (Saw) Live or die, make your choice
202 (Saw) Congratulations, you are still alive
203 (Saw) Most people are so ungrateful to be alive
204 Wolf
205 Random
206 Age of Mythology's 999 Theme
207 Throw me a freakin bone here, i'm the boss, need the info
208 Uh can u remind me what i pay you people for, honestly throw me a bone here
209 Now you listen to me mister
210 He wants a challenge, lets give him one
211 [tune] Taps
212 Chainsaw reving
213 behold, the hoard of genghis khan approaches
214 It's genghis khan! we must flee!
215 Sir, one more outburst from you and I will strangle you with this microphone wire
216 Keep it you'll be carrying your face home in a doggy bag
217 Snore
218 OH Yeah!
219 I could pull a better cartoon outta my aaaa
220 Wicked laugh
221 Man screaming
222 Baby crying
223 Always two there are, a master and an apprentice
224 At last we'll have revenge
225 Begin landing your troops
226 This is a battle I do not think that we can win
227 We must do something quick
228 Wipe them out - all of them
229 **** eating son on a ****
230 You said people gonna die
231 Thank you for coming! I'll see you in hell!
232 I'll bash you good
233 Computers can do that
234 craaaaaaaaap
235 You gonna give me orders
236 Its GO! Time
237 Lets put a smile on that face!
238 I see live people, i see dead people
239 bad cackle
240 **** ****bag twat ****head
241 Your armies are too close to my city, stand down
242 charge
243 Red alert
244 Whats the matter with you people I was joking
245 Twilight Zone theme music
246 Here I come to save the day
247 I feel I must apologize for the conduct of my nation in the war
248 Always look on the bright side of life
249 Are you gonna bark all day little doggy or are you gonna bite
250 Please I don't wanna die, I have so much to give, i need more time
251 You are an impudent fool
252 scumbag ****face ****head asshole
253 I specifically said, no geeks
254 We attack under the cover of daylight
255 Won't you let me live, won't you please
256 Eddie Murphy does Kung Fu
257 It was not what I wanted!
258 Oh you little maggot - you make me want to vommit
259 I have failed because you have not helped me
260 Sir Yes Sir
261 What is your major malfunction numbnuts
262 What are you waiting for - come on - come on
263 Hooo-Ha
264 What are you - some kind of doomsday machine boy
265 Come on come on, kill me I'm here kill me
266 When boy, when, are you gonna get your act together
267 Tell me where the rest of your men are hiding
268 Very well, if that's the way you want to play it
269 Such ingratitude after all the times I've saved your life
270 Shutup
271 Laughter
272 More Laughter
273 BnB Laughter
274 You're not as stupid as I thought, you might even be intelligent
275 This game has gone on long enough
276 Enough talk - let's get on with it
277 You're a bumbling inept fool
278 you **** kicking stinking horse maneur smelling motha****a
279 France has fallen
280 Long live france
281 You have one more chance, apologize and resign
282 Never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake
283 We have to face facts, the war is lost
284 You never meant to keep you word, you have no honor, you are a cheat and a liar
286 I now formally request your assistance
287 You learn quickly, that's good - I like that
288 We won battles against armies, now one man defeats all my knights
289 I have an announcement, I am drunk!
290 mutha****a!
291 **** you, yeah thats my message
292 Redrum
293 Hi i'm Chucky wanna play
294 why dont you go home and **** your mother some more
295 Run home to your mother boy
296 **** your own face
297 A most excellent idea sire
298 We won - victory
299 To the death
300 We come in peace, shoot to kill x3
301 You are outmatched, you have no heavy cavalry
302 can't touch this
303 We must not divide our forces
304 We have beaten the english
305 No Te canses
306 GO!
307 I am skilled in the arts of war and military tactics
308 Bagpipes
309 More bagpipes
310 Trumpets
311 Drums
312 20th century fox movie opening
313 You are under my orders sir
314 You ****er huh huh huh
315 Just what the heck do you think you're doin
316 Does this mean we're not friends anymore
317 Hail to the King Baby
318 Back off or there will be trouble
319 Face me coward
320 We're taking this place over
321 I'm growing impatient
322 Bring it on
323 Time to play
324 I'm just curious, why am i so good
325 (Akira) They found us - run for it
326 (Akira) Do it now
327 I'm gonna have to open up a can of whoop-ass
328 I'll kill you all
329 There will be blood
330 French Guard's insults in Monty Python
331 Hello, my name is Indigo Mantoya, you killed my father, prepare to die
332 They're here
333 Inconceiveable
334 I am noone to be trifle with, that is all you ever need know
335 Ready the catapults, by god, let's give em one more
336 (Homer) meow meow meow meow
337 (Homer) oooh, that's bad
338 (Homer) Doh, oh, ok
339 (Homer) Hello
340 (Homer) Shutup
341 (Homer) Alright, that's the last straw, time to take out the trash
342 get this through your head you mother****er you
343 you're ****in warned don't ever go over my head again
344 you tell your king, William Wallace will not be ruled
345 Our situation has not improved
346 We'll tear your soul apart
347 (Denis Leary) goingdown
348 (Denis Leary) heyhey
349 (Denis Leary) lordofdance
350 (Denis Leary) pullup
351 (Denis Leary) relax
352 (Denis Leary) sorry
353 (Denis Leary) thinking
354 (Denis Leary) yourewelcome
355 Hey bud what's your problem
356 ofc you know This Means War
357 Hoho Very funny Haha it is to laugh
358 You ****
359 Doh
360 Eat my shorts
361 Gong
362 Impressive
363 go,go,go,go,go,go
364 Our base is under attack
365 cough
366 You are making me so angry
367 Stop fighting back, it's not fair
368 The calvary should be coming directly
369 Hey, we didn't do nothin to you
370 You're not talkin to me are ya
371 (3rd Rock) I'm so Screwed
372 (Married with Children) Cant Do This to Me, i'm a Legend
373 (SNL) Sweet mother of god, What is the Holdup
374 (Seinfeld) I'm Dangerous, i'm very very dangerous
375 You gotta be ****in kidding
376 (Aliens) Thats it man Game Over
377 (Aliens) Its Game Time
378 (Aliens) Let's Rock
379 (Dirty Harry) Go Ahead Make my Day
380 (Evil Dead 3) Go Ahead and Run to Mama
381 (Eraser) You've Just been Erased
382 (Ace Ventura) Alrighty Then
383 (Ace Ventura) I'm warning you, I'm Seriously Stressed here
384 (Ferris Bueller) How Could I have been So Careless
385 (Ferris Bueller) You Still Here it's over, Go Home, go
386 (Waterboy) Time to Open Whoop-ass
387 (ID4) Looks like Preparing Invasion
388 (ID4) Whos the Man Huh
389 (Bill & Ted) Excellent
390 (Bill & Ted) No Way
391 (Big Trouble Little China) I Can Handle it
392 (Big Trouble Little China) Really Pisses Me Off
393 (Big Trouble Little China) I Was Born Ready
394 (Monty Python) I'll Bite Your Legs Off
395 Die Die DIE!
396 Bring out yer dead
397 I'll kill you I ain't playing
398 die **** die **** die
399 mind your own business
400 Go to sleep ****
401 beep beep yeahh
402 There's nothing to worry about, you're gonna be just fine
403 Woah somebody was up late
404 You again don't you have a life
405 well isn't that special
406 Leave That To Me
407 Lost Your Mind
408 Attention All Personnel Must Evacuate
409 Uh Oh
410 Oh Crap
411 There They Go
412 No Cause For Alarm
413 A communications disruption can mean only one thing, invasion
414 There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywere
415 Revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet
416 I think we better split up
417 Red leader standing by, gray leader standing by
418 (SNL) I wish you could Shut Your Big Yapper
419 (Simpsons) Oh Indeedly Doodly
420 (Simpsons) Woohoo
421 (Simpsons) Krusty Laugh
422 (Evil Dead 3) Come Get Some
423 (Evil Dead 3) Oh You Little ****s
424 (Something About Mary) Owwww
425 (Dumb & Dumber) You're One Pathetic Loser
426 (Wayne's World) Denied
427 (Starship Trooper) Everyone Fights, No One Quits
428 (Forest Gump) He said he Gotta Pee
429 We're gonna be cool
430 I am cornholio, I have no bunghole
431 This is the coolest thing I have ever seen
432 Fire, Fire
433 Are you threatening me
434 Its Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!
435 Who the britons
436 None shall pass
437 Nyan Cat
438 Are you ready for a war
439 I Hate You
440 What are we going to do
441 Whats Up Doc
442 Move it!
443 Super Mario loses life
444 dubstep (lollipop)
445 Super Mario gets star
446 Super Mario Course Clear
447 You go sit in front of the tv and eat cheesy-poofs assmaster
448 I am a cop and you will respect my authorita
449 Beefcake, beefcake, BEEFCAKE, BEEFCAKE
450 Hey, I don't have to take that kind of crap from you scrawny weakling
451 aww yeeah first place ****es! LOL
452 Screw you hippie
453 kyle's mom is a ****
454 Ok everybody get in a line so I can whoop all your asses
455 that's it now im all pissed off! take that hippie
456 death awaits ye all with nasty big point teeth
457 alwight alwight we'll kill him first and then have tea and biscuits
458 what are ya gonna do bleed on me
459 oh lord bless this thine hand grenade that with it thou shalt blow thine enemys to tiny bits in thy mercy
460 lets not bicker and argue about who killed who
461 you're a loony
462 go away
463 running away won't save ya
464 sakes i mean wouldnt ya think he could find a better place to put a building
465 no thanks necessary my good man i was just doing my duty
466 there's something screwy around here
467 alright rasneck lets see ya try that again
468 i like him hes crazy
469 hankering for trouble hey
470 you wouldnt dare
471 look just give me a chance can't ya
472 this is it the final the very very last straw
473 i've never been so humiliated in all my life
474 would it be too much to ask if we could make up our minds
475 okay have it YOUR way
476 psst whoever's in charge here
477 quick save me pal
478 you're dispicable
479 heh didnt think i could do it did ya
480 aint you got nothin better to do
481 it will take him all day to figure this one out
482 oh you again
483 yeeeeh mr wise guy now you're gonna get it
484 i cannot fight no more against such genius
485 now the real game begins
486 i have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass and im all outta bubblegum
487 and now ladies and gentlemen let's get ready to rumble
488 i'll be back
489 hey this is great man
490 this sux
491 houston we have a problem
492 we came we saw we kicked its ass
493 Frankly son, you frighten me
494 You're mocking me, aren't you
495 Don't even think about it cowboy
496 We come in peace and you blatantly defile that peace
497 C'mon, gimmie a break
498 mongols! we are doomed for certain
499 You weak pathetic fool
500 bad to the bone
501 I would not do such things if I were you
502 Leave me alone
503 Do you feel lucky, punk
504 When my work is finished, i'm coming back for you
505 Listen bro, you got a problem with my coolness unh unh unh
506 Muse - Uprising
507 brain
508 cartmancop2
509 veryangry
510 Homer Simpson911
511 Warning
512 Whos The Brains in this Outfit
513 Wus
514 You know, sometimes I feel like you guys don't want me to
515 I seem to have died Is that okay
516 Boy, the potential for something to happen is very high
517 There's about a 1 in 4 chance we're gonna
518 I can be your best friend or your worst enemy
519 radetzky
520 sabre_dance
521 vivaldi
522 toccata-all
523 goodbadugly
524 Identify yourself
525 Over, nothing is over until we decide it is
526 The women, how much for the women
527 My advice to you, start drinking heavily
528 Let's go, let's go, I'm bored, let's go
529 That has already happened once, it must never, never happen again
530 Retreat is no longer an option
531 (Half Baked) - **** You!
532 The force will be with you, always
533 Might I have the pleasure of your name before I have you run through
534 Help, help, I'm being repressed
535 I saw a pale horse with a pale rider
536 And monkeys might fly out of my butt
537 aaaaaawwwwwYEAAAAA!!
538 Boring
539 Haters gonna hate
540 Do you want to go one on one with the great one
541 Very shagadelic
542 Smashing baby
543 They're always after me lucky charms
544 I really gotta pee
545 shutup shutup shutup
546 Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits!
547 roland's quest - rochester is defeated
548 Here They Come - Fire
549 Shutup and go and change your armor
550 Alright, we'll call it a draw
551 I move for no man
552 You fight with the strength of many men sir knight
553 Victory is mine, ahh damn u all
554 hey girl you looking good, wanna come back to my place and derp
555 What are they paying you - I'll double it
556 You're useless every one of you
557 Well Well we meet again
558 Time to be bad
559 I like big butts and i cannot lie
560 I like them round and big
561 Its Over 9000!!!
562 THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!
563 Oh I think I'll manage
564 This is Sparta Remix!!!
565 Why This Kolaveri Di
566 baby crying (autotuned)
567 We looking for you, we gon find you
568 You are so dumb
569 They're dead you know
570 Fire in the hole! (CS)
571 Enemy down (CS)
572 We're doomed
573 We seem to be made to suffer
574 dont do that
575 dont touch me
576 nice try but I'm afraid you can't do that
577 oh my god
578 Uh oh, **** alert!
579 That was too easy
580 I will be standing by to assist you if needed
581 A warrior does not complain about physical discomfort
582 I'm not asking you, I'm telling you
583 I've been looking for you
584 Oh no, we're all doomed
585 Death stalks you at every turn, aaah, there it is
586 Are you mental
587 Not
588 I know your admiration for me is great, as it should be
589 Be gone - you have occupied my lands for far too long
590 Bowmen ready
591 Draw arrows
592 Attack
593 You are a coward and a weakling, invading you will be a pleasure
594 All must fall before the might and right of my cause, you shall be first
595 Death, what do you all know about death
596 Goodluck, youre gonna need it
597 Hello yoohoo anybody here
598 ct Need Backup (CS)
599 Laughter
600 €heckMate
601 OMG i know you hacked!
602 WTF you hacker!
603 WTF happening to my computer
605 Get in Position (CS)
606 Stick Together Team (CS)
607 Follow Me (CS)
608 I'm Hit Need Assistance (CS)
609 Cover Me (CS)
610 ct I'm in Position (CS)
611 Roger That! (CS)
612 Regroup Team (CS)
613 Meet at the Rendezvous point (CS)
614 It doesnt matter what your name is
615 Enemy Down (CS)
616 GO GO GO (CS)
617 Lets Go (CS)
618 trumpet playing - taps
619 Now you see that evil will always triumph
620 Survivor 23 South Pacific Makeshift Intro
621 Team Let's Get Out Of Here (CS)
622 Need Backup (CS)
623 you tried you best, and you failed miserably
624 The Beatles - Help
625 (Clint) Dying
626 (Clint) Make My Day
627 (Charlie Brown) Oh Good Grief
628 (Charlie Brown) You better cut it out or I'll pound you
629 welcome
630 goodbye
631 Wazaaaa
632 Wazaa
633 watching the game, having a bud
634 Wazaaaa
635 Wazaa
636 nuttin b, just watching the game, having a bud
637 nothing, watching the game, having a bud
638 Anytime you wanna get into the fight just jump on in 1
639 Try to distract him, i've got a plan
640 That was a cowards tactic
641 Its too late to surrender now
642 All Your Base Are Belong to Us
643 Ha Ha Ha
644 All Your Base Are Belong To Us
645 BaseBaseBaseBaseBaseYou Have No Chance To Survive Make Your Time
646 (Aliens) Just Gotta Know Where they Are
647 (Aliens) What are We Going to Do Now
648 (Aliens) Just Got our Asses Kicked
649 (Aliens) Now What Are We Supposed to Do
650 Nelson - Ha Ha [Original]
651 WERE LOSING!!! they're burrying us alive- (Slap Shot)
652 We're gonna Win!! haha
653 Ahh! you Eediot!
654 HahAhahaHa
655 takefreedom
656 bye bye boys, have fun storming the castle
657 you'd like to think that wouldn't you
658 are you ready for a war Yeah
659 I dont like your jerkoff face
660 hahahaha GOT EM!
661 Ren laugh
662 Ren laugh 2
663 I'm Not Dead
664 I warned you but did you listen to me oh no you no
665 gonna kill us, run, RUN!
666 Samara's grudge
667 Why wont they leave me alone!
668 Oh what i'm gonna do to you
669 Uuuhuhuhuhuhu (scared)
670 pffft Oh, you farted
671 (Andres Cantor) GooooooooL!!!
672 Blue (Da Ba Dee)
673 Give me RED! yeah i want red!
674 Open this gate!
675 May i have your attention please
676 go away, i'm busy
677 Will the real Slim Shady please stand up
678 Now this looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me
679 You're living in a world of make believe, with flowers and leprechauns
680 snore
681 you're ugly and your mother dresses you funny
682 Burp
683 Oh that was painful wasnt it
684 I hope he's well insured
685 I Get Knocked Down, then I Get Up Again
686 If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
687 Yeeehaaa
688 To start press any key
689 I'll teach you to come near my city
690 Xena scream
691 You just made a fatal mistake mister candyass
692 (Kill Bill) The whistle song
693 (Kill Bill) uhu uhuhu song!
694 (Kill Bill) crazy red eyes fight - opening!
695 hey, Hey, HEY, you trying to rush us
696 (Kill Bill) crazy red eyes fight
698 Whip It
699 oooooh yeah, OOOH yeeeeah
700 (Dennis Leary) Asshole
701 (Dennis Leary) and proud of it
702 Who is this person who speaks to me
703 (Dexter) I OWN YOU
704 Assault the base
705 I need some backup
706 Boom
707 Burn baby
708 Cover me
709 cya
710 Defend the base
711 Objective destroyed
712 DirtBag
713 Ive got u covered
714 Ive got your back
715 Hahaha
716 Hang in there
717 Hold this position
718 That had to hurt
719 Im on it
720 Im in position
721 Lets Rock
722 Ya like that
723 Loser
724 You have lost the match
725 That was nasty
726 Next
727 Nice
728 OhYea
729 OnMyWay
730 Im in position
731 Roger that
732 Search and destroy
733 I just slaughtered that guy
734 ****
735 You be dead
736 Im under heavy attack
737 Useless
738 Anyone else want some
739 OMG Who the hell cares!
740 cause i am a noob
741 you are ugly when you're angry
742 get lost you maggot
743 come on man
744 there's no need to fear, underdog is here
745 for the tenth time if you don't shut up
746 guns dont kill people, the goverment does
747 Snap - The power2
748 say that **** to my face
749 I am the devil
750 is that one of those 976 numbers, what are you wearing
751 i was abused as a child
752 laugh
753 i want action tonight
754 ah man
755 ah ****
756 I ain't playing with your **** ass
757 amen brothers and sisters
758 i dont think i have enough ammo
759 cheers, from crowd
760 we're putting that **** on ice
761 is this the right room for an arguement
762 i was totally aroused by that
763 i do the ass kickin round here
764 asshole of the year you get my vote ok
765 pay attention boys ill show u how its done
766 ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
767 before we go further lets get something straight
768 meow meow shut the **** up will ya
769 ive a feeling some bad stuffs goin down
770 you stupid ignorant son of a **** dumb ****
771 sir, im afraid im gonna have to kick your ass
772 my friend dont be a jerk
773 rap music
774 im the best quote
775 you have awakened my bunghole, now u must pay
776 another one bites the dust
777 Got anything else to say
778 If you ain't good we're blowing it up
779 that guy's coming home in a body bag
780 what in the hell's a matter with you i was joking
781 bruised, battered, but never defeated
782 Sure you lost, you lost bad (futurama)
783 oh my god we're burning alive
784 this stuff is dangerous it'll burn you face off
785 little man i've had a busy day
786 tell ya mother you're not coming home
787 dont make me do this, i cannot
788 i just cant do it captain
789 people like me im the champ
790 please come out, please
791 you guys wanna compare weiners or what
792 i'm gonna run a makeover on your face
793 If i take a crowbar and base your teeth in you jerk
794 crying
795 Don't fall asleep
796 Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell
797 Boy, you're hurting me
798 green day - do you have the time to listen to me wine
799 green day- sometimes I give myself the creeps
800 alice cooper - welcome to my nightmare
801 deep purple-smoooooke on the waaaatteeerrr
802 stan freberg-Daaay ooo
803 yes yes oh yes can u feel that buddy
804 thems fighting words
805 black sabbath-I am iron man
806 tom petty good to be king
807 you know what you're full of shhh
808 acdc-I'm on the highway to hell
809 get away from me u stupid ****
810 full I want some mo
811 teh n00b song
812 my name is kid rock
813 green jelly - let me in
814 green jelly - rambo
815 evil is his name
816 how many people wanna kick some ass
817 I do I do
818 want a piece of me
819 I want the whole thing
820 think you've had enough
821 wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world
822 ray finkle
823 Three Stooges - Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk
824 I was way off
825 I explain this so you can understand
826 watch me make sure I don't do anything stupid
827 sole survivor
828 you know what the scariest thing is
829 i'm a loser
830 Monkey ****
831 i'm gunna eat ya
832 I'm bigger then you, i'm higher in the food chain!
833 get in my belly come on
834 you're lucky wee man
835 let me make you a deal allright
836 riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
837 (Scarface) You're a piece of **** you ****in ****roach
838 Queen - we are the champions
839 We've kicked so much butt our legs are tired
840 help we're being brain washed
841 You're a VIRGIN
842 rip out your eyes
843 **** juggling thunder ****!
844 Yeah but, i'm gonna get shot
845 how would you like to suck my balls
846 well larr de ****in dar
847 im as mad as hell and i'm not gonna take this anymore
848 why dont you let me pull that stick right on out that ass of yours
849 suck my balls
850 no more mister nice guy
851 You insignifi****!
852 this whole place sucks
853 what u waiting for christmas
854 cut me some slack jack
855 You ahve the right not to be an asshole
856 I want the truth
857 you can't handle the truth
858 you want some more of that, i didn't think so
859 you ain't cool, unless you pee your pants
860 slow down
861 what happened to him what happened to me
862 trouble with the radar
863 shouting
864 i'm the king of the world!!!
865 I see dead people
866 sorry sir, doing my best
867 who is he
868 he's an asshole sir
869 how many assholes we got on this ship
870 I knew it
871 keep firing
872 what are we looking at
873 when will then be now
874 prepare to attack
875 Worthless ********!
876 what the hell was that
877 smoke em if ya got em
878 what should we do now sir
879 You can all go **** yourselves
880 im sorry this is what becomes of living under a **** reg
881 Im the Juggernaut, ****!
882 i dont like confrontations
883 theres no sign of intelligent life anywhere
884 for tonight, we dine IN HELL
885 dont even think about it cowboy
886 wheres your honor dirtbag
887 farewell my friend, i go on to a better place
888 Aloha (FIFA 2006)
889 the line must be drawn here
890 I will make them pay for what they've done
891 I'm still alive but i'm injured
892 who wants to have some fun
893 (darth vader) NOOOOOO
894 I will massacre you
895 War what is it good for
896 absolutely nothing
897 Well excuse me but **** you
898 microphone checker
899 barbeque your ass
900 Where are those blasted
901 You would need 3 promotions to get to be an asshole
902 but what would I wear
903 I'll cut your nuts off
904 **** off **** eater
905 You stupid ****
906 Go **** yourself
907 Cut your heart out with a spoon
908 hey what are u up to
909 Rip your spine out i swear
910 it's almost too easy
912 waynes world- no way
913 he's gunna be ooo k
914 shut your anorexic ass up
915 laughing
916 wow your amazing dude
917 Ass licking son of a ****
918 hey mr
919 Son of a **** ****
920 t-rex roar
921 killer boots man!
922 i love the smell of napalm in the morning
923 yeeehhhhaaaooo
924 cable guy- maybe I shouldn't have come at all, jerkoff
925 (cable guy) i'm kind of a perfectionist
926 cable guy- no sweat off my sac
927 cable guy-who told you that, what's his name
928 You imbecile ****
929 cable guy - ha ha ha you are too easy
930 no way
931 lets get it on
932 cable guy- prison rules huh
933 im gonna get you sucka
934 so that's what opening a can of whoopass feels like
935 wherever there is
936 we'll be there
937 you will find the 3 amigos
938 You are NOTHING
939 I'm gonna bash your brains in
940 STFU! im gonna kill you
941 Say what again i dare you!
947 Flawless Victory
948 Finish Him Flawless Victory Fatality
949 o that sux
950 alright who wants some
951 got news 4 u jack and ****
952 feel free to jump in at any time
953 scared **** well u should be
954 i cant take it any more
955 were doomed mr head
956 I will ****ing destroy you
957 for gods sake get on with it
958 no go to hell
959 thats gotta hurt
960 I'm gonna hit you so hard, it will make your ancestors dizzy
961 Rip your balls off
962 i've met some dumb ****s in my life but
963 revenge is so very sweet
964 no way dood were not stopin in your house
965 bad boys music
966 flash-queen
967 missed me
968 i would not do such things if i were u
969 burp, excuse me
970 What's going on around here
971 tilt one back with me dogg
972 i love blowing things up
973 peter griffin laughing
974 argh there's no hope for this lad
975 do you feel lucky punk
976 that doesn't hurt
977 stop that incessant clicking
978 when my work is finished im coming back for u
979 drowning sound
980 chicken sound
981 shutup
982 you stink
983 It's funny cause it's true
985 I know what i'm doing man, stfu
986 La Gente Sabe
987 Marky Mark Is Here
988 small voice allelujah
989 small voice please dont kill me
990 You have something on your face, got it
991 Warriors, come out to play
992 I wanna hear you scream
993 No tears please
994 who da **** do you think you're talking to
995 Bond, James Bond
996 The Joker - Why so serious
997 HahahaHaHa You Serious
998 I am seeing double, shoot them both!
999 (Scarface) Say Hello To My Little Friend
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