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DE Random Map Pool

by Pancrol, Katsuie, GorLeon and Chris - 279 downloads

This mod only works with v1.6 Game Data. It has no effect on other mods.

This mod adds random map pools that are reguarly updated. The random map pool consists of three maps:
  • DE_Random_open, with only open maps.
  • DE_Random_closed, with only walled or easily wallable maps.
  • DE_Random_pool, with a variety of maps chosen by a poll among the users.

The maps will generate a map randomly from a given pool:

You can access these maps in the Custom maps option:
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To make it easy to identify the map you are playing when using the random pools, we have added the name into the Town Center during Dark Age.
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You can vote for the next version of the map pool [You must login to view link].
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