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No Bug No Random - Allied Vision

by WololoOnline - 72 downloads

All AoE2 data bugs fixed
Random removed for make it more skilled
    Monk's wrong values fixed
    Now all techs affects monks without relics too
    Turkish team bonus now affects elite jans and, elitle turtle ships and turtle ships
    Now chemistry affects all arrows
    Vikings were obliviosly weak vs cavalry - got halbs
    Huns had no chance vs gun + camel civs in fair late game - got champs, arbalets and grades in blacksmith; tarkans speed increased
    Mayans were obliviosly weak vs byzanties - got archer +2 damage vs cavalry, but el dorado, elite plumb techs costs +100 food +400 gold and +300 food; plumb costs +10 wood and +10 gold
    Treb doesnt miss
    Bombardas, bombard towers, cannon galeons, elite canon galeons and trebs missile faster
    Bombard tower +2 range
    Teutons have no more 2 hand saw
    Teutonic team bonus fixed - no longer overrides Faith technology
    Treadmill Crane removed from Huns technology tree
    Tarkan +15 hp, elite tarkan +5 hp
    Teutons got bracer tech in blacksmith
    Franks foragers work 25% faster.
    Spanish stoneminers work 25% faster.
    Increased spanich bombardas and cannoners bonus - -20% reload time now, also affects cannon galeons
    Mongols got dry dock
    Teutons lost archers ring armor
    Chemistry doesnt make mangonel's and siege onager's missiles slower
    Jaguar warriors +10% of movement speed
    Chu ko nu, plumb trained faster
    Longbow -5% reload time now
    Elite jaguar upgrade costs +300 gold.
    Elite cataphract upgrade costs +200 gold.
    Stone wall has 800 hp and gets more in castle age.
    Decreased trade carts and trade ships collisions
    Increased bombardas fire rate for 8.(3)%
    Against of accuracy huns trebs got +100 hp
    Now each upgrade of onager makes missiles speed faster - +20% and +11.9048% (earlier only once +20%)

    IMPORTANT: Some of these fixes known in DE or seems to them much
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