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Smush mod

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Smush Mod



Mod made for those who want to Practice Smush
( Siege + Monk Rush )

  • all Units from Barracks, Archery Range, Stable and Castle are removed ( only Trebuchet from castle is available )
  • all Civilizations have 2 Unique Techs ( only supremacy wasn't added to spanish )
  • siege tower added
  • reduced HP and Range from Castles, so that won't interference with the smush, but still to have Castle for Unique Techs
  • you start with scout and do research on scout-unit-line, but can't create new units

At Dock you can create Demo Ships.


Mod hecho para aquellos que quieren practicar Smush
(Asedio + Prisa del monje)
  • todas las unidades de Cuartel, Alcance de tiro con arco, Establo y Castillo se eliminan (solo está disponible Trebuchet del castillo)
  • todas las civilizaciones tienen 2 tecnologías únicas (solo la supremacía no se agregó al español)
  • torre de asedio agregada
  • redujo el HP y el alcance de Castles, por lo que no interferirá con el smush, pero aún tendrá Castle for Unique Techs
  • comienzas con scout e investigas en scout-unit-line, pero no puedes crear nuevas unidades

En Dock puedes crear Demo Ships.

Big hugs to everaoc, were used files from a previous version of his mod, so please visit

Also thanks to my first 2 testers [BigNooB]Metal_knight_ & Chinovilich
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