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Interactive Build Order Guide

by Cicero - 663 downloads

A series of interactive tutorials for learning and practising build orders. Includes 10 build orders, each with step by step instructions in both text and audio, and a scoring system which will mark you at several benchmarks leading to a final grade. (A+ to F)

These are somewhat advanced walkthroughs, and therefore a good grasp of game mechanics is assumed (including keeping the town center working, luring boars, use of hotkeys; you will also need to remember when to build houses). Do not be discouraged if the higher grades seem out of reach as they are intended to be difficult. A 'B' should be considered a good result, with an 'A+' requiring almost perfect execution. Less experienced players can start by just practising the Dark Age sections until they can consistently score at least a 'B'.

Important notes:
  • These scenarios should only be used with Vietnamese, or Saracens for the AoC versions. (This is because these civs have no eco advantage for any of the builds.) Using a civ with an eco bonus is cheating! (It may cause issues with the grading system.)
  • Most benchmarks also have a minimum villager requirement, so be sure to always keep your town center working.
  • Also remember to research eco upgrades as instructed.
  • The final benchmark includes all previous requirements. (So no deleting your drush for pop space, etc.)
  • Your final grade is limited by your previous benchmark scores.
Includes versions for both AoC and WololoKingdoms - the wk versions are denoted by a '+'. Simply open any of these scenarios in the map editor to generate more maps if you want to practice on a different one. You can also just use your own build order if you like, so long as you still hit the benchmarks (which does mean you do need to advance with the correct pop, however). It is recommended that you use the 'Practice AI' that comes with this mod - this is an immobile AI. Using this AI will also allow you to mute the audio instructions by taunting '2'.

Build orders included:
  • Scouts, Archers
  • Scouts, Skirms
  • Scouts, Knights
  • Archers
  • Men-at-Arms, Archers
  • Drush, Archers
  • Drush, Fast Castle
  • Fast Castle, Boom
  • Fast Castle, Knights
  • Fast Castle, Unique Unit
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