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INTRODUCTION: Spider blood is funnily enough a map that looks like a spider. There are 8 bases, in a side versus side manner. Each base contains a pyramid protected by fortified walls and a gate. The map is set up as 4 1v1 style of games in an 8 player map. Between two opposing bases are two raised square patches. These are AP/HP Power ups for units, each one designated to a specific colour (e.g. between Blue and Green are their two Power-Up areas, with Blue's closer to green base and Greens is closer to blue's base, meaning players fight for Power-Up supremacy). You'll notice a horse Hero which is very important in the start. You also have two islands behind your base.
The first which is closest, is where you task a unit to spawn inside your base. This island has 2 torches, one in each top corner, which represent a spawn point each. New units earned through kills will also appear on this island, which are able to be placed on the torch and created for your base.
The second island, furthest away is where your panic and "release da Sab" pavilions are. Deleting the pavilion will kill all units in your base in an instant, and can only be used once. "release da sab" pavilion when deleted places a Saboteur inside your base, ready to be used.


Destroy the opponent's Pyramid before your own Pyramid is destroyed. Pyramids have a strong armour defense, and start at 8000 HP. Powered-up Khans or other units are required to destroy the Pyramid easily.

There are three ways to receive POWER-UP;

1. Sitting on your elevated square patch once you gain control of it. This power up is slow and tricky to hold onto.

2. Kills bonus at 1400 kills. You will receive an AP POWER UP inside your base. You'll receive an HP bonus after ~1800 kills or something.

3. 12 razes will grant you AP POWER UP inside your base. You can have double HP POWER UP.


Starting Age: Feudal Age
Best Civilisation: Japanese
Military population = 40


Quickly task the Samurai on the torch, then go to your base and task your Hero toward the hill with your coloured torches on it. Put him on stand ground stance (I like to make him ctrl + 1 for easy access).

Go back to your spawning island and delete all the other units, including the Legend of X who can be found on the panic/sab island.

Go back to your base and patrol the first few Samurai out towards your enemy, delete 1 wall near gate on the side that your Samurai are being spawned, then go back and patrol some more Samurai toward your enemy.

When your first Samurai you've patrolled out reach your gate, send your Hero back to attack his Hero (which should be on the hill closest to you). Your Samurai should reach his Hero by the time your Hero it, so the enemy Hero will either be killed or have to run away.

After his Hero has run away or died, put your Hero on the hill on your side. Keep patrolling Samurai out during this time, you don't want your units and hero to be overrun. After you've patrolled around 30 units out, tell your hero to go on attack stance (if you still have him). Try not to let him die though unless your opponents Hero has died as well. If you can, keep him until your opponent gets his Saboteur. Watch for "THE SABS HAVE BEEN RELEASED" (An in-game message in white font) to know when to watch out for the enemy Saboteur. Anyway, try to kill the Saboteur with your Hero so that you have no casualties. If you can manage to do this and then Sab him successfully, you've pretty much won the start, and normally the game.

When you get Axeman, task the Axeman unit to go to the torch that the Samurai is on, go back to your base and patrol a few more units out, then go back to the island and delete the Samurai. By this time your Axeman should have reached the torch so go back to your base and patrol them out. When he gets Axemen as well delete your Saboteur tent (it is the small tent) and bring your Sabotuer to your gate, ready to Sab the enemy. I used to use the Sabotuer at the start, in order to get to Axeman quickly, but it is incredibly hard to get a good hit in on Samurai. Because of this, don't use your Sabotuer until nearly all of his units are Axeman.

When you get Cho-ko-nu, quickly task it to the torch without a unit on it and keep patrolling out, so you're making both Axeman and Cho Ko Nu.

Delete the two-handed swordsman as soon as possible and keep patrolling units out once you reach 150 kills.

When you get to Teutonic Knights, do the same thing that you did with Axeman and Samurai, except this time when you go back to delete the Axeman, tell your Cho-ko-nu to patrol to the middle of the little island (this will create an effect where your Cho Ko Nu will make much less units compared to Teutonic Knights, but you still have a couple of Cho Ko Nu for archer support). Go back to your base and keep patrolling new units out.

When you get Cataphracts, task to the main torch, take the Teutonic Knight off, and delete the Cho-ko-nu all in one motion without going back to patrol fresh units from your base. The Cataphract is a fast unit so you would only be wasting time. Always do it all at once with fast units.

When you get Mangudai, you can either it, or task it to the empty torch with it patrolling to the middle of the island like the Cho Ko Nu was.

When you get Mameluke, quickly task the Mameluke spawning unit to go on the secondary torch, delete the Mangudai (if you haven't yet), and task the Cataphract to patrol to the middle of the island. If you get very high population of Mameluke, task the Cataphract back on the torch for a little bit until you think you have enough at which point you can patrol the Cataphract on and off again at the spawn island. Delete any Mangudai you may have, once you have Mameluke, if there is a lot, don't do it all at once, delete a few, patrol some, delete the rest.

You can either delete the Conquistador spawning unit, or use it instead of the Mameluke. I usually delete it. If you are behind in kills, Elephants and Conquistadors are a much better way to fight Hardraades, rather than an Elephant and Mameluke combination.

Delete the El Cid spawning unit, unless your opponent is camping with Mameluke and/or Conquistador. Be careful not to leave it on the torch too long though. You do this so that they don't get slaughtered by Elephants.

When you get Hardraades, delete all the units on the spawning island except the Elephant and put the Hardraade spawning unit on the torch. Then task the Elephant to patrol almost to the middle of the spawning island (it is slow so the distance needs to be shorter).

When you get Charles Martel, you can either delete the Hardraade on the island and use the Martel with Elephants, or delete the Elephant and use the Martel with Haardraades, or just use Martel by himself. I change it up almost every game so go ahead and experiment with that one. Patrol the unit that is not the Martel spawning unit off the torch though, and make the distance fairly long. If you're both on Martel then you can use some Hardraades on no attack stance to archer distract his units like in archer bloods. This is really effective because the Martel can't hit the Hardraades, except when they change direction.

When you get the Subotai spawning unit, it is probably best to delete it, but you can also use it to distract Martel/Hardraades. After you've made around 5 units for archer distraction go ahead and delete the Subotai on the spawn island.

When you get Genghis Khan, delete the Martel from the spawn island and whatever other spawning units you may have left on the spawn island (obviously). Now just feed (gain kills) until 1400 kills and raze your opponents Bombard Towers if you can.


- If at any point your opponent has been pushed back really far or is camping, take ranged units and put them on your torch hill to power up. This will either force your opponent out or better, let you power up for a while and then force him/her out of their base.

- I keep the Teutonic Knight spawning unit alive until Hardraades, in case someone is camping with Mameluke, but you can delete it and simply do that ^^ .

- If you have units on the power-hill and they are about to be overrun, move them back behind your non-ranged units and patrol them. There is no reason to lose powered up units. If a Bombard Tower is attacking them, then also move them back but if not keep them there.

- You will receive villagers and extra resources after a certain amount of razes. Build a blacksmith and a market behind your pyramid, using the market to buy food for Fletching upgrade. This will give your Khans extra range for late game fights. You can also use your khans to build more towers in your base, which will power-up when the AP/HP bonus is gained.

- Keep an eye on fights between other players, if you've got Cataphracts, it can be very helpful to task some to an ally for aid.
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Bump. Goood guide.

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