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Khans Blood: By Benhouse


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Posted 14 February 2011 - 1:50 am
Khans blood is based on the same map lay-out as Germs Blood, starting with an 11K Hp Tower, Fortified walls and gate, but instead of starting with a selection of 6 units, you are given Khans which you can spawn. The game is set in the Dark Age, meaning Mongols are the best civilisation to use for quicker shooting speed (20% bonus). Your have a small patch of shallows (3 tiles), where two flags and a Khan are located. Each flag represents 1 spawn point in your base (spawn points marked by torches). Your will receive no more than 40 Khans at one time.

The interesting and unique factor to this map is that kills will not give any bonuses. However, razes will as listed below;

1 raze = Nothing, 2 raze = Nothing, 3 raze = 200 Stone + Villager, 4 raze = Villager + 200 Stone + TOWER HP POWER-UP, 5 raze = 200 Stone + 2x TOWER HP POWER-UP

Note: The HP power-up is 3HP a second, and the double HP upgrades to 6HP a second.


The main objective of Khans it to destroy the opponents Tower. Since kills give no advantages, rushing towards an enemy and breaking their defenses immediately is the smartest way to play this. Khans are not able to shoot at towers from outside an opponents base, so penetrating through enemy walls, gates or lines of Khans is the only way to attack the tower.


Khans is a simple map to understand, yet a map that will test your skills, speed, reflexes and wits. Every player has their own style, and I've got a few examples from three strong players of the map.

- From the start click comma (,) to select your idle Khan faster. Task it to the flag side nearest to enemy. I like to tag it with CTRL + 2 so I can easily change spawns based on where the enemy is attacking for faster reinforcement of holes in my wall. I also tag the Villager CTRL + 1 so I can easily revert back to my tower when I'm on offense. Doing this makes it quicker to transition from offense to defense. Also if you tag your Villager, you can garrison quicker if needed. I like to block holes with 4 Khans. Also at the start if you're next to enemy send to his gate very fast. I like to send like 6 khans and position in a fashion that blocks the enemy from easily running to my gate. Using this block forces him to run around, slowing him down. These are really small tips but once you're good at the overall game play these little things add up and make a difference - Hoodlum

- I usually find against other good players it's usually a good idea to forgo the quick send idea altogether. I like to take my time and gather my wits before I randomly send all my Khans at the start. I will wait till I have about 20 Khans then send, making sure he doesn't sneak in through my gate in the process. After that, I will send the remaining 20 Khans to my gate. This kills off any attacking force he has at my gate very fast. If he decided to attack my walls instead, then I send 15 Khans on the attack and leave 5 Khans in my base to defend the first wall razed down. By the time that wall is razed, or if he decides to attack my gate, I will have Khans dying at his base, therefore respawning in my base.

Attack attack attack. - GoogleMaps

- I like to patrol my Khans on the flags using both spawns at once. I scan their defense for any weak points, and hammer it. Meanwhile, I like to leave my defending Khans on a defensive stance opposed to a stand ground stance. This requires a lot more attention to detail, but the Khans move for my liking and block up gaps when under fire. I also like to trick the enemy into thinking there's a weak spot in my defense, and lure them to it, where I can quickly move some Khans over, wasting their offense. - Sirred

As you can see, everyone likes to play the map differently, but gain the results they are looking for. There's no exact right or wrong way to play the map, you just need to find a style that suits you, blend in tricks from the experts of the map and practice until you feel comfortable and quick with them.


- There are two styles to Khans; aggressive or defensive. Aggressive is the minimal block with Khans, trying to panic your enemy into making blocking errors when attacking. Defensive is when you use a reinforced defense, trying to attract the enemy into sending more Khans, so you can create counter-attacks or just wear out their defenses to build up a strong attack. Both styles have their pluses and minuses, more seen in team games with doubles or triples.

-Fill holes in your walls with Khans, the minimal amount is best (so like 1-2). You'll constantly have fresh Khans spawning if you're aggressive + defensive, making reinforcing your defense much easier while maintaining a good offense.

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<- An example.

- Moving 2-6 Khans to a spot will place them in a line that units can not pass through. Using more than 6 Khans will create a double line (so if you use 7, first row of Khans is 4, second row would be 3). So obviously it is wiser to defend with groups of 6 or smaller, so you can use more Khans for attacking and razing.

- Tower blocking (TB) is where you arrange your Khans to block the sight of your tower. If you block every obvious part of your tower with Khans, your opponent will only be able to click attack on your own Khans until a piece of tower that is not obscured is able to be clicked on. When a villager is garrisoned inside a tower, a flag pops out from the top. An enemy can hit your tower by clicking on the flag, so be sure to block that as well.

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<--- BAD TOWER BLOCK - As you can see, the flag and parts of the tower are easy to click, hence the tower block was broken.

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<--- GOOD TOWER BLOCK - You can see the tower is on fire, as the tower block is often a last resort form of defense. This is a good example of it, as you can barely see the tower.

- Use your villager as much as possible, when it is safe. For example, the enemy breaks through your defenses and takes off 6K from your tower, then you manage to build your defense up again. Meanwhile your opponent receives the same damage, but opts not to use his repair villager. Even an extra 500 HP for your tower can swing outcomes to your favour. You might repair 4K worth of damage, and the opponent delivers another 6K, adding to 12 K all up. Your tower's maximum HP from the start is 11K, so by repairing that 4K, you've realistically made a 15K tower versus your opponents 11K, which is a massive advantage.

- Patrol is very rarely used in Khans. Why? When used defensively, your units will constantly move which can leave gaps for the enemy to run through, and offensively it's much easier to micro targets and try to quickly rush through a hole you've created. There are rare occasions where a quick patrol can be useful, although this is all based on your own experience.

- Targeting walls before a gate can be a useful tricks on occasion. Walls have less HP than Gates, and you can catch an enemy napping and quickly break in for an easy rush.

- Always destroy all enemies gates in a team-game ASAP. If an enemy is untouched, or only has to use a couple of Khans to block a piece of destroyed wall, it spells danger for your team. Play it smart, make them defend as much as possible.

- If you penetrate a base, try to micro 1 khan to a back corner in their base. It's often tricky for the enemy to notice, and is near impossible to see on the mini-map. When they release their villager to repair, you can kill it with 1 **** (villagers do not have loom).

NOTE: Will upload pictures and more information later.
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Posted 24 February 2011 - 10:17 am
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Little map pack of some great players of Khans from the recent tournament.
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Posted 14 June 2011 - 9:00 pm
When they release their villager to repair, you can kill it with 1 ****

I nearly died laughing at that.

Thanks for posting it up!

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