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CS Germs Blood Guide


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INTRODUCTION: Germs blood is an old, classic map from the early Zone era, and was the first map to truly set the competitive bloods scene. It's layout has been copied and used for future maps (Khans, Smosh, Veterans, Dual, Path), each map having slight alterations to give it a unique feel.

You will start a tower at 11K HP, fortified walls and a Gate. Inside this back next to your walls (behind the tower) you will notice a Hero unit (1K HP and 50 AP). Behind this base is an island made of ice with 6 unique units lined up. This island also has 2 flags, which represent a spawn point each. New units unlocked by kills or razes will come from the torch that's in the corner of the ice island (be sure it isn't blocked by another unit).

This is the tower and your spawn points;

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The island where you select units to create;

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Starting Age: Dark Age
Best Civilisation: Celts or Mongols
Maximum Population: 40 military units


The Start;

Germs can be a very simple map, and it can be an infuriatingly difficult map. As you should know, looks can be deceiving. The first battle in Germs is the race to the Samurai (unlocked at 50 kills). This is why the start is so important for Germs.

Task your Jaguar warrior on one flag (on the ice island), and the Cho-Ko-Nu to the other flag (you can try Jaguar + Throwing Axeman or pure Jaguar Warrior, whatever you prefer but this guide will describe Jaguar Warrior + Cho-Ko-Nu start). Inside your base you will see fresh units spawning, hopefully 18-19 units of each. Make sure to task your Hero into this group (I would task him with CTRL + 1 for easy access in battle), and send your units outside your base (most players will delete some wall for a faster patrol reinforce, and is common courtesy in 1v1, but not required in team games).

How to task on the island to create units;

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There are different forms of patrol (some like a tight pack, some like cutting across enemy gate, some like going towards the middle, it all depends on situation and what you are comfortable with), so decide which one to use and engage the enemy. The secret to a strong fight with the Jaguar Warrior/Cho-Ko-Nu mix is for the Jaguar Warriors and Hero to protect the Cho-Ko-Nu (much easier if you keep the Cho-Ko-Nu in a tight pack by using a stand ground stance patrol), so they can snipe enemy units in battle, or if needed be able to shoot at the enemy Hero.

An example of how the bunched patrol looks;

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There are two important aspects of Germs from my view (especially for 1v1);

- Keeping your spawn side free and uninterrupted. Because players like to remove some walls next to the enemy for a faster and more clinical reinforce patrol for infantry, it can leave a vulnerability if the player makes errors and the enemy pushes his reinforce into the gap effectively slowing down your spawn and giving the enemy extra kills.

- Hero control. For me, the Hero is the most important unit in the entire game. Why? Because this unit is solely responsible for a good or a bad start (between good players). You can do a variety of effects with your Hero, such as luring and scaring the enemy Hero which slows down his reinforce or killing ability, taking out enemy archers quickly (1 shot hit vs Cho-Ko-Nu, 2 shots vs Jaguar Warrior), jamming up the enemy spawn/reinforce or even protecting your own). It's always good to vary it up, so the enemy doesn't know what to expect, nor will they be able to copy the same strategy over and over to be successful.

Once you hit 50 kills, you will reach Samurai. Delete your Cho-Ko-Nu and Jaguar Warrior and task the Samurai to the flag. The faster you get at this, the better your games will get. If the game remains even, you'll receive Plumed Archers at 100 kills and Teutonic Knights at 150 kills. Choose how you want to fight here, but be sure to have more infantry than archers, or you'll pay for it.

At 200 kills, you'll receive Cataphracts. I'd delete all units besides the Cataphract from the ice island (some players like to keep Teutonic Knight for to counter Mamelukes later), and start making those bad boys. This will be your main melee units until War Elephants.

At 350 kills, you will receive Mameluke. Use this unit as an archer role, and mix with your Cataphracts (remember, Cataphracts armour bonus vs Mameluke counteracts the Mameluke attack bonus vs cavalry). 400 kills you'll receive Conquistadors and at 450 you'll receive Janissary. Continue the same trend with these units (DO NOT DELETE MAMELUKE). At 500 kills you'll receive a Villager, immediately garrison it inside your tower.

At 550 kills you will receive War Elephants. Delete the Cataphract and replace with the War Elephant. Keep in mind that while War Elephants are big and strong, they are very slow. mix either Janissary or Mameluke with the War Elephants and continue fighting (this is where people like to create a couple of Teutonic Knights and terrorize enemy Mameluke). This is the longest fight process of the game, and is where map control and Mameluke control are most important.

At 800 kills, you will receive Harald Hardraade. Replace your Mameluke with him, and try to make more Haralds than War Elephants, but continue to use War Elephants as a meat-shield. If you're first to Haralds and have a bit of a lead against your enemy, be wary of a potential "ele rush" (where they try to push into your base with War Elephants and attack your tower, since Elephants can take it down quickly in numbers). Having good control of your Haralds should counteract this threat. At 900 kills you'll receive Spies.

At 1000 kills you'll receive Genghis Khan. If you haven't thought about killing your enemy's tower, then this is the time. try to go pure Khan as Elephants will just be a nuisance for you to handle, getting in the way. Be sure to keep your tower blocked, while Khans are strong, an Ele rush can still beat you (especially if you're weakened).

This is just a simple run-through of the fighting style, and I haven't mentioned the other units you'll receive as they're not extremely useful.


Note: You must delete the units you will never use in a match as they contribute to your population, and the max population for military you can have is 41. If you're the host, you should also check you do not have any kings, as these are of no use and take up valuable population limit space.

Start - Jaguar Warrior + Cho-Ko-Nu (you can also choose from Berserk, Huskarl, Woad Raider or Throwing Axeman)
50 kills - Samurai
100 kills - Plumed Archer
150 kills - Teutonic Knight
200 kills - Cataphract
250 kills - Longbowman
300 kills - Mangudai
350 kills - Mameluke
400 kills - Conquistador
450 kills - Janissary
500 kills - War Wagon
550 kills - War Elephant
650 kills - El Cid
800 kills - Harald Hardraade
1000 kills - Genghis Khan

1 Razing - Monk
2 Razing - Tarkan
3 Razing - Villager + Extra Resources


- Germs Trick: If you have trouble getting your Hero to follow your exact commands, task your Hero to stand ground stance, and your Hero will follow every action such as targeting special units etc. Make sure your Hero doesn't stay motionless when you're finished, try to switch to aggressive/defensive stance so it kills weak units without needing to be tasked or re-patrolled which slows it down.

- Distraction: There are a number of ways you can do this. You can do it with with your Hero and get their units following your Hero so you outnumber them in the main battle. You can also send a single random unit across enemy lines into a random open space on the map, and you should get 4-8 men following it. It's a huge advantage and you either slow the enemy's patrol speed as they have to continuously micro these units back to the battle, or they have less men in combat for lengths of time, giving you a kill bonus if played correctly.

- Rushing: A good rush is only executed well with a great defense. The best defense is a basic tower block around the tower, unless they're using ranged units. Blocking at walls can be easier to block, but can be difficult creating an offense since you constantly need to rearrange the defense.

If you want to make certain that the enemy have trouble Elephant rushing against you when you reach Hardraades first by a large margin, send 5 into the back of their base and rush their tower, as it makes them panic, and if they try elephant rushing you full on, you have plenty of time to defend and rush, plus you have the head start. If they try blocking they have to kill the men at the back, so whatever choice they make will weaken their offense or defense, which will work in your hands.

- The Tower Block: The idea is to block your whole tower with units so the enemy can not task their men to attack the tower without having to kill your units first. A strong tower block is very hard to beat, and can hopefully entice the enemy into sending more and more men which can create a feeding effect if needed, or create a small offense of 6-10 units to be more effective against a weaker defense.

- Beating the Tower Block: If they Tower block with Khans, Hardraades or Elephants, try to send all your men that you're rushing with to the top of their tower, killing their men around their tower flag area (when a unit is garrisoned inside a building, a flag appears in the building), and try to cover the flag with your own men so when you reinforce the rush, the tower is easily tasked to engage.

- Elephant Rush: When you're behind in kills, the Elephant rush starts to become the only viable option left. The best Elephant rush is where you can block your tower up, and use the rest in an offensive rush to overwhelm their base and hopefully gain access to their tower for easy razing. You're hoping the enemy tries to counter-rush, so they have less units at home making your offense easier and your tower block effective.
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