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Graves Blood: By Benhouse


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Posted 14 February 2011 - 1:47 am
Note: This is for 1v1 play in Huns war if I remember correctly. Team games are a little different, as well as different civilisations.

INTRODUCTION: Grave blood is a large map, where you start with a base on the boot of an L shaped path. You have a Wonder with a base HP of 4800 (can be upgraded with technologies), first layer of walling + gate in front of the Wonder, and a Second layer + 2 gates closer to the shallows, with 2 watch towers (upgradable with technologies) overlooking and a dock in the shallows (usable).

Buildings where you have to create a unit for use (behind your base)
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Front Gates protecting your spawn
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Back Gate protecting your Wonder
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You also have a piece of land cut off by cliffs behind your Wonder where you can create and upgrade units/technologies. You'll also notice an elevated square patch with torches, this is where you task newly built units to spawn at your base with the Wonder. A little further to the edge of the map you will see a bunch of houses and a pavilion. This pavilion is used as a panic (kills all enemy units inside your base), and it used once the pavilion is deleted (usable once), so use carefully. You only have 1 unit spawn point

Send a unit of your choice here to be created
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Delete the Pavilion to activate a panic inside your base (usable once only)
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The objective of the game is to raze the opponents Wonder before yours is destroyed. This is often achieved late in the Imperial Age when people have access to Paladins and Petards.

You start in the Dark Age, and the middle island will give you resources from GAIA every 45 seconds (for unit upgrades and technology upgrades).

Kills will give you resources at 25 , 50, 75, 100, 150 and 200 kills, then more resources every 100 kills afterward. These tributes grow bigger and bigger with the more kills you accumulate. Razes have the same effect.


Starting Age = Dark
Civilisation = Any (Huns for this guide)
Military population = Varies with units (e.g. maximum of 60 with archers/pikeman/scouts, maximum of 40 with knights, maximum of 10 with scorpions and a maximum of 4 with petards, but these units can be combined to reach a higher number like 40 knights + 10 scorpions + 4 Petards at a time)


First off, you must build the scout from your stable and then you build the archer from the archery range. When these units are created, send them to the elevated torched area on the same island (this will spawn the units you've chosen inside your base). Send one scout to the middle as fast as you can for the first GAIA resource bonus. Patrol newly spawned scouts out as fast as you can toward middle. Sell your wood and stone as fast as you can at your market. After the second GAIA tribute, you should be able to buy 100 food from the market so that you can upgrade bloodlines at the stable (+20 HP for scouts). Upgrade horse armour afterward, and leave horse attack after you are advancing to the Castle Age.

This picture shows the message you'll receive once you send a unit to the middle
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When you get to ~40 scouts created, take the scout off the torches area and start building archers. I like to have about 15 archers and the rest scouts. Distract their men by taking ~5 horses and sending them in-front of their gate and patrol them on no attack stance from side to side. Keep selling your wood and stone as fast as you can. You should be able to castle at 100 kills. MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS KEEP A UNIT IN THE MIDDLE TO GATHER RESOURCES FROM GAIA.

Alternatively, you can make archers much sooner, just as long as you get that frist scout into the middle to collect your first resource tribute from GAIA.

Also, you can choose to try the spear-archer combination from the start. This is more useful for civilisations that can't research bloodlines, but can still be very effective with any civilisation. The only downside to spearman and archer is you lose the speed of the scout for hitting and controlling the middle, but your archers will guarantee quick kills and you'll advance to the Castle Age much faster.

Once you castle do not upgrade anything. Build a knight, a petard and a scorpion (if you are down on kills, do not worry about the petard and just build a pikeman and mix them with the knights and the scorpions, or if they are already attacking your gates go ahead and upgrade to fortified walls and wait until 300 kills to advance to the Imperial Age). Keep selling your wood and stone after you build the scorpion and buy food if need be, then advance to Imperial Age [ONCE AGAIN KEEP A MAN IN THE MIDDLE FOR GAIA TRIBUTES].

Once you hit the Imperial Age, upgrade to cavaliers and keep patrolling out. I like to wait until 400 kills to get the paladin upgrade, but some others like to upgrade their horses armor/attack/speed and upgrade to paladin later onward. Upgrade your horses at 500 kills, armour or attack. Whichever one you prefer. I like to wait for the paladin upgrade before I start attacking gates unless I have a large lead. I do not want to feed them too much when rushing.

Once you get 600 kills you upgrade upgrade to Elite Tarkan and get Chemistry (for scorpions). Now start attacking their gate. If you are attacking the front gates and the gate is wide open, task to their Wonder gate inside and start attacking it. Not only does it take their attention away from the top of their base, but it slows them down and that is a good way to take their gate down with petards.

If they are taking down your front gate when you have about 1000-1200 HP left on your front gate, start sending all of your scorpions back to the back of your base, in front of your Wonder and cover the gate so they cannot attack it. Once you get all your scorpions back behind back that gate, delete one scorpion, and use that for vision (Line Of Sight) to look for enemy petards incoming.

The best way to send your petards is with about 10 horses in box formation with the petards inside this box. The way to use the petards is to wait until the right moment to task toward the enemy wall. You want to select and control your horses, and run the opposite way of where the petards are hitting. This makes sure that none of your horses get in the way.

Defense is the key in Grave. My defense I like to keep about 6-7 Paladins on my gate. I also keep 4 Paladins on each side covering the regular walls. It is a **** to get through. Patrol the scorpions on stand ground patrol side ways. Delete the horses that are hurt or weak and replace them. When you gain enough resources, upgrade the siege engineering technology and masonry/architecture.

The rest of the game is all about the better rushers and the better defenders. This basic set up should set you up, along with practice to make the map much easier for every day use.

NOTE: This is one of many different strategies, and this is mainly a guide for a one on one play, but it explains why this method is chosen. Feel free to mix it up and research technologies and upgrades as you see fit.


- To help your Petards in reaching enemy walls/buildings, try using the box formation with Paladins so the Petards sit in the middle. The only units able to hit them are Scorpions and archers. This is extremely helpful if the enemy sits a few Paladins outside his base just to pick off your incoming Petards.

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- Patrolling Scorpions on stand ground sideways will make them cover more ground while still firing in sync with each other, extremely useful when defending your final gate and walls, and easier to move if Petards slip through.

- While attacking the enemy gates, if they leave a hole to let you run in, always use it and attack the next target (back gate or Wonder).

- If you manage to break the enemies final wall where they have Scorpions sitting protected, task a couple of units to kill off these Scorpions and push aggressively with your rush to their base with reinforcements. Scorpions are slow and take time to get back behind walls and then to reset a defense takes more time. If you continue to put the enemy under the pump, you're creating a massive advantage for yourself.

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- Researching siege engineers is a must. It gives your Scorpions extra range but it also gives your Petards a 40% damage bonus vs buildings, meaning they'll take out a wall in no time.
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:D nice work done ben :P
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some one who actually plays graves should have wrote this... good effort tho ben ;3angel
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Hey dude, do you know why almost no one plays this game anymore?
How can you suggest this game for rated matches?
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ben makes everything nice

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Hey dude, do you know why almost no one plays this game anymore?
How can you suggest this game for rated matches?

Its rarely played rated lol. I've only played it unrated lately.
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Nice effort
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Not a bad guide good for beginners ;good

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