Smosh is an 8-player archer-based map. The objective is to eliminate the opponent's towers before yours is destroyed. The middle of the map has a statue on some raised elevation, and the 8 tiles around this statue give archers an AP power-up (+1 over 4-5 seconds). There are also 8 raised tiles equally distributed around the middle, directly between a player's base and the middle statue.

You will start with a tower, walls + gate, and archer units will spawn from 2 spawn points marked by torches (maximum of 40 archers at a time). Once you reach 100 kills (you will receive a message), you will activate your king timer. 5 minutes after you reach 100 kills, you will be given a king to cast 'spells' on an island behind your base.

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These spells are;

Ray Of Death - Summons exploding birds to the player's base you chose, killing all units within the walls of that specific player. Simply task the king to the flag of choice.

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Shield of Inferno - Kills ALL units inside your base, and 1 tile outside your walls (kills ally units as well). This is commonly referred to as a panic. Simply task the king to the monk.

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Ring of Fire - This summons a ring of Saboteurs that instantly blow up and kill all enemy units within the elevated areas and the middle (note: these Saboteurs are created as your own, so you will receive the kills that they gain). Simply task your king to the Saboteur.

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After a certain amount of time, every player receives a Ghenghis Khan (500 HP, 29 AP) and a Saboteur. This happens regularly.

You gain unit upgrades and stronger unit spawns through kills, weakest unit possible being an archer, strongest being Genghis Khan. Razes will give bonuses;

1 raze = 2 Siege Rams, 2 raze = 2 Saboteurs, 3 raze = 3 Saboteurs, 4 raze = +1000 HP for your tower, 5 raze = +10AP power-up for all your units on map at that time.


Smosh is a map where team-work is a necessity. Players need to work with each other from the exact start, to the end. There are a multitude of possible strategies, which can counter each other and give different outcomes. There are so many variants when positions are different, you'll gain an understanding (when practiced) of what can be acheived in Smosh. Below are some 3v3s outlining some strategies and team-play.

[You must login to view link] - 3v3 from a while back, really competitive game,

[You must login to view link] - 4 3v3s vs LC who were pretty handy in Smosh.


- Kings are very important in the whole scheme of Smosh. You may not need to use one to save yourself, but if the enemy is rushing your ally with powered units from the middle, you can use your king to kill enemy units powering in the middle to gain control of the middle and help your ally.

- Heavy Cavalry Archers are very useful in rushing enemy buildings in numbers (received at 200 kills). They are fast and effective without power-up, especially in tight games or if your team has lost control of the middle and needs to take an enemy out quickly.

- Saboteurs are extremely good at damaging buildings, are are great at opening enemies walls so you can flood units in to kill the tower. Try to hit the piece of wall closest to the gate, as it gives the largest spread of damage to the gate and wall. Remember, gates count as 1 raze. Example below.

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- In early Smosh when you're still gaining unit upgrades from kills (e.g. Fletching, Bodkin, Bracer), IF units have received AP power-up, those specific units will not receive the unit upgrades since their stats have been altered. So going all middle from start isn't always the best plan, you might end up behind in archer range which will start a feeding effect.

- Archer distracting is a very useful trick. The idea behind this is to use 4 or more archers (or a Khan) and patrol on NO ATTACK stance, in a perpendicular motion between your archers, and the enemy archers fighting you. Archers will target the closest units, and end up missing the units distracting for a while.

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- When rushing an opponent to destroy their tower, sending 10 or more units to help an ally can give them a huge advantage, will still allowing you to fight elsewhere. Sending all your units can be rewarding, but also leaves you vulnerable to enemy attack, after all a pair of Siege rams or a couple of Saboteurs can severely weaken your tower, even kill you given time/numbers.

- Units with bracer can reach an enemy tower outside of the enemy walls. Attacking from the corners can be a useful form of rushing, especially with a team-mate, as two corners are harder to defend than one side. There's also a risky trick to defending this; removing a piece or two of wall between you and the enemy and moving your archers there can help block this off for a while, effectively blocking the angle up and making the enemy have to move around or kill more units - giving your team more time to beat another player.

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- Try to use hills as much as possible when killing units, as elevation gives you +1 AP versus and +1 Armour effect vs non-elevated units.

- When you receive extra unit bonuses from kills (e.g. Skirmishers, Huskarls or Scythian Scouts), these will add to your population, meaning you'll have 60 pop until 20 units die, and then your archer spawn will start creating fresh units again. Building population over an enemy can create a great offense or defense.

- Skirmishers are ideal units to power-up from the middle, since they offer such a strong armour defense against enemy archers and bonus AP makes them such a big threat. Plumed archers are also awesome units for power-up, due to their HP, speed and range.

NOTE: Going to add pictures and more information later, this guide is intended for tournament coming up for all clans to use if need be.