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person nonstop ruining games by pausing etc


Join Date: 26 March 2011
Posted 13 May 2020 - 9:04 pm
>>>YI, supernoob and ligth_boom (aka fake ohre) are sthe same person. Azial is crying because I reminded everyone he got caught cheating in ror with no fog. So yeah, these are the people ruining my games all the time.

- me and ohre are the same personand everyone knows it , so what ?
- azial doesnt cry , he just giving info about u , u do the same **** since 2017 with pausing games
cause u are paranoid.

<<<<< I remind the moderators here that I have reported many times many abuse and you guys did nothing. Ohre puts smurfs players in teams, they resign or betray us after 20 min and then take points. He does it all the time. What defense do we have since moderators do nothing ? Well, raging a pausing war to punish them each time they do their dirty tricks is the only system of defense that honest players have left.

- i checked ur 77 posts and dont find any complaints except some silly stuff , where u accuse players to make u lag to get kicked , at the end of the day this ist just another proof of ur paranoia .
everytime someone dies on ur team u accuse the player to rig the game , this is MORE then silly . and just wrong ofc.

<<<Bad_dragon i simply lying, there are no 10 games where I paused because of obvious rigged game. Again, smurfs like Ohre using vpn probably.

- why should he lie , half of all ur comments under ur profile are people saying ur pausing games since 2017 , almost everyone in aoe1 can confirm it.

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Join Date: 20 October 2018
Posted 16 May 2020 - 1:08 am
Kheisen is a threat to this beautifull game.
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Join Date: 20 December 2012
Posted 23 May 2020 - 10:45 am
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Still here, still ruining games, still trolling lobby. What's going on? I'm rapidly running out of accounts that I can ignore, please either upgrade me to premium and give me more ignores, or do something about this. Voobly still seems to have done nothing. Thanks.
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 +[email protected]

Join Date: 3 October 2007
Posted 25 May 2020 - 11:14 am
Please file your complaint here:

Furthermore you require evidence, e. g. screenshots that clearly show, what he was doing and that he was doing that more than once.
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Join Date: 26 March 2011
Posted 1 June 2020 - 12:47 am
lol ......

azial just forget about it , these guys are like robots , stuck to rules ,

if its not enough 15 diff people in lobby ( froma 30 player lobby ) telling what he is doing pausing games spamming people while they play , 3 of them was or are actually in the m+ prgramm... thehn this feels like trolling to me also... like everyone cares so much making screenshots and a video like i did... , chris most here just wanna play and relax ...and not spending time and deal with trouble and stupid peoples like this dude is... i understand there must be rules 4 not punishing someone to fast ...but incase someone comes do some serios research msg people about him do a roundmail or sumething .... but i guess this is too much 2020 and u guys are in 1990... have fun anyway...

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