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I frequently have to use fast proxys when playing because of Symmetric NAT. To solve this I first put my IP adress static and tried to forward port 16000 to my computer. This did not work (even when disabling windows firewall, rebooting PC and rooter between steps). So I am trying to use uPnP finally. I activated uPnP in windows, in my rooter and in voobly, but I still have Symmetric NAT.

This is the uPnP log from voobly and the output of the networking diagnostics:

[Device found]
Description = WANConnectionDevice - FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360
Manufacturer = AVM Berlin
Model = WANConnectionDevice - FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360
Port forward already found skipping! (External: 16000 Internal: 16000)
Scan Done

Starting networking diagnostics...

Your local network port (UDP) is 16000. All game traffic is routed through this port. This can be changed in "Settings" -> "NAT Traversal".

Attempting to connect to 3 test servers. This will take around a minute to complete...

Received data from 'server 1' through port 57206 (this is your WAN or router port)
Received data from 'server 3' through port 57207 (this is your WAN or router port)
Received data from 'server 2' through port 57205 (this is your WAN or router port)
14 seconds left.
9 seconds left.
4 seconds left.

Test Result: Symmetric NAT
Network Health: Poor
Recommended Action: Port forwarding recommended or switch routers. The only port you need to forward is UDP port 16000 on Voobly you do NOT need the direct play ports 2300-2400 and 47624.
Details: Your router assigned different public ports to all the test servers this will make it hard for users to directly connect to you. You will likely see a large number of fast proxies.

I would be thankfull for any tips! Cheers
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Posted 21 January 2018 - 11:04 pm
we do not recommend using UPnP for safety reasons.
check this tutorial to make sure you have forwarded the fritz correctly: [You must login to view link]
the router firewall doesnt need altering. the pc f/wall must allow voobly/game. make sure only one pc f/wall is active.
remember to apply/save on any router alteration.
if your playing by wi-fi, try a hard wire connection.
if all that is correct, talk to your isp.

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