Voobly Crash


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Posted 9 January 2018 - 4:42 pm
I use windows 10 and I have 50 mbits connection.

Voobly crash and closes itself 4 times in 10 games. Can anyone help me ?

Last Logs :

18:29:45 Command: specingamechat 1738481 5 ForrestGumper taþ varsa kule de dik
18:31:26 Command: specingamechat 1872995 5 ForrestGumper do markets here
18:31:28 Command: specingamechat 1874855 5 ForrestGumper no house
18:33:01 NAT3: NAT: Socket closed while in select.
18:34:54 ProbeRemoteProcessAlive::CreateMutex -> true
18:34:54 CLauncher::ProbeRemoteProcessAlive -> false
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Hey ForrestGumper,

Starting with the easiest possibilities:

1- Low Wifi Signal: 3 bars out of 5 is considered to be a low Wifi signal. In a way that your internet has a good chance to drop for a second and then reconnect without you noticing. And when that happens Voobly crashes and so the game does. (Voobly's fault, and they need to fix it )

2- CPU Overload: From experience, I found this to be the most common factor resulting in frequent crashes. It could be Windows Update Service which you can learn on youtube how to disable it or stop it. Or running CPU hog programs while playing on voobly, for example, Chrome, OBS recording software, an internet security suite antivirus. It could also be a harmless virus in a form of PUP or Adware; or an undetected trojan, in that case, scan your pc with Malwarebytes: [You must login to view link]

3- Outdated Graphics Card Drivers: This can cause any application to crash not just Voobly so you must check if they are updated or not and update them. Especially when crashing or a blue screen crash occurs.

4- Corrupt or Missing Dependencies: make sure you have all Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables: [You must login to view link] (scroll down to the bottom of the page where there are download links to all Visual C++ Redistributables)

Check out other helpful suggestions on this thread: http://www.voobly.com/forum/thread/278380

Good Luck,

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