- Act II - Eternal Darkness by [Orcrist]Gwayle

Creativity (17/25) - After the Act I - Dark Ascension we see some improving, but overall it's quite similar. More trigger-tricks or usage of UP1.5 would be nice to see. Bonus for mentioning Vaulltboy as original creator.
Playability (22/25) - If you are new to aoe2 RPG maps, this can be a good begin. Not too complex, but still fun fights and random event. make sure you read informations, such as spell usage and hints.
Replayability (14/20) - Not much you can replay here (unless you have to try again), but the different roles and long story can help you play it more than once.
Balance (12/15) - The fights are quite fair, but the onelife-only thing still should be reworked.
Design (8/15) - There isn't as much eye-candy and trigger tricking as it should be. Copied buildings/objects could improve a lot and there are too much same and maybe boring areas after a while.
Overall: 73 from 100

- collin defense by 09collinsjc

Creativity (15/25) - A "Hold the spot" defense map with 5 defender vs 1 attacker. Good point the attacker have a shop too! We have seen this kind of maps, but one more isn't a bad thing.
Playability (20/25) - Easy to play, hard (if not impossible) to win. Using simultaneously your army and building towers is an important key to survive longer. Shop is clear and simple. The lag problem after half hour a bit reduce the fun, specially if you want to snipe a point as attacker.
Replayability (15/20) - The map is fun after few games too, you can try new strategies and improve more and more.
Balance (10/15) - You have a difficult option, but the begin maters too much compared to mid and end game. A good team work (who where what) is essential, but also can make a painful lose, if sbody fail too fast.
Design (10/15) - The land is quite ok, too much eye-candy may lead more lag problem, but the lot of fire after a while a bit annoying. The campaign sound usage is a good thing too.
Overall: 75 from 100

- DungeonQuest RPG by Phleg

Creativity (22/25) - A last-time posted map, sadly with not too much information on the page what we should be prepared for, but it's better than excepted. While there is not too much story and map is also quite linear, the way is at was made is feel something else what I used to know in aoe2 (something like skyrim example).
Playability (18/25) - The begin maybe looks strange and some information may require, but once the tutorial is over and you understand your spells, role and what where to do, then it's quite fun.
Replayability (16/20) - The way as this map was made makes it fun to play again if you like dungeons and RPG games.
Balance (12/15) - Same as with Act I - Dark Ascension, the one-life system make me gives less points, because it can happen too easily run to a traps or make a bad move without your backups and then all your progress is gone.
Design (13/15) - The terrain not looks that special, but the tricks how it was made gives it an unique feel. The nearly 3 thousands triggers and the skill what requires to make all these happens is the biggest thing in this map.
Overall: 81 from 100

- RPG - Four Swords by +[MM]_Skorpion_

Creativity (25/25) - This map brings the RPG making to a new level. Massive amount of time requires for a map like this, which makes it one of the best you can find in aoe2.
Playability (21/25) - This map is not suggested for people who are new to aoe2 RPG maps. It's much harder than it should be and sadly there is not much option to just go casually, but the unique gameplay, special bossfights and the long story makes it still awesome. The one-life system on this map can be really frustrating (specially if you enter alone to a boss arena).
Replayability (16/20) - You won't finish this map by one turn. It requires patience, great teamwork (even voice chat is suggested) and many free hours.
Balance (12/15) - The unique bossfights and great story-telling makes it great, but even if you just take a small mistake you may have to start over if not saved it.
Design (15/15) - A lots of eye-candy with small details, a huge diverse map, an unique leveling system, complex boss triggering and the great music gives this map the perfect score in design!
Overall: 90 from 100