Age of Strategy is a little turn based game that was inspired by age of empires.

I was a huge fan of aoe/aok an i also played multiplayer online, that is why i have missed a good strategy game on android for a long time. Most "strategy" games on andorid are pay to win and not even strategy games but some kind of ecomomy horrors for me.

that is why i started implementing one for myself, and now many other players play it.

so here is my app that is all about strategy and not the fancy, money stealing what-i-hate app.
I know the "professionalism" of aoe/aok can never-ever be reproduced as they were the BEST GAMES ever - for me at least.

please dont consider it as a advertising spam - i really love my game and i hope you also will, and it really tries to keep alive the spirit if AOE+AOK by keeping the good "feeling" and "joy" of these fabulous games.