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Hello, i want to upgrade the game introducing more ages, from its actual stage (Hand cannoneers and explosive units) to actual warfare and future, including the overcome of materials like glass, steel, plastics, steam engines, petroleum, gasoline, turbosine, propellers, turbines, electric and electronic upgrades, until biological, toxic and mass destruction weapons and the incoming industrialization of graphene, aerogel, quantical and superconductive computing and bitcoin economy, also the optical boosts on electricity/lasers and hydrogen nukes or nuclear weaponery.

Im looking for partners, I have the idea and actually the only thing I know is graphical design, so I can help with the sprinting and will post my drawings furtherly, this purposal is also open to future ideas

Here's a list of the first from past to future, things I want to upgrade:

Reforestation Technology
- Forests last 10x longer, all units and buildings have a slow regenerating speed

Glass Age:
- Windows [Villagers work faster]
- Binocular [All infantry, archery, cavalry, siege and buildings are double the range]
- Astrology [Villagers and all military units are double the walking speed]

Industrial age:
- Gatling Gun [A new weapon machinery capable of dooming entire armys in minutes)
- Hand Pistol Infantry
- Machinegun [First hand portable lightweight machineguns]
- Tank Gatling Gunned [Similar to a RAM but with machinegun]
- Heavy metal coating [Technology for all siege/naval/building units]
- All melee units are replaced by shotgun units
- All archery units are replaced by sniping glass scoped units
- Steam Merchant [Merchant car becomes a steam train]
- Ecologycal age regen bonus is disabled
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Petroleum age:
- Tank
- Artillery Jeep
- Artillery Airplane
- Artillery Submarine
- Torpedo technology
- Bombarding airplane
- Artillery Helicopter
- Heavy Boat Transporter [Transports feet units by water]
- Tandem Rotor Helicopter [Transports feet units] Fast but unsafe
- Ground Heavy Trailer [Transports feet units] Slow but safe
- Motorcicled artillery couple [A driver and a machinegun sniper or shotgun unit mounted on same unit, works similar to archer cavalry but faster and can shot from longer]
- Molotov Saboteur
- Flamelauncher
- Iron Structure and Concrete [Technology which doubles the HP of all buildings]
- Steam merchant train turns to fuel trailer and moves double faster
- Castles, boats, urban center, trebruchets (Dont look like trebruchet anymore) and bombing towers shot missiles instead and from longer, scorpions doesnt look like scorpion anymore but like rocket launcher trailer
- Petroleum Harvesting Platform [Can be built anywhere and generates gold]
- Plastics technology: All units move 10% faster
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

High Quality Steel Age:
- All units move faster
- All Siege units are double the HP
- Mining/Logging/Farms work slightly faster
- Merchant fuel trailer looks different, and moves faster
- All siege units shot from 20% longer
- All propeller planes become turbine jets
- All propeller boats become turbine boats
- All metal coated units/buildings look less black and more white
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Copper (Electrycal) Age
- All villagers transport double the resources
- All buildings are built double the speed
- All military/siege/building units are double the pierce, 50% damage
- Fuel merchant train becomes electrycal and moves faster generates double the gold
- EMP nuke [Deals 100DMG to all feet units, 300DMG to all buildings/siege around 50 square radius, is shot by "EMP launcher" (Similar to missile launcher which replaces trebruchet) each 50 seconds]
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Computing (Electronical) Age
- All villagers transport double the resources
- All buildings are built double the speed
- Hacking [Disables spies/treason, and isnt reactivated unless you research it]
- Merchant Train has double HP
- Cryptocurrency [All houses generate gold income]
- All military/siege/buildings are double the pierce, 20% damage, shot from double longer
- Soundwave shotter [Paralizes villagers and infantry]
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades
- Aluminum Technology - 10% speed all units
- Magnetical Technology - Merchant Train becomes magnetical
- Biologycal Technology - BioNuke [Deals 500DMG to all feet units, 300DMG to all buildings/siege units around a 50 square radius, is shot by "BioNuke launcher" each 100 seconds, doesnt replace EMP nuke launcher]

Nuclear Age
- All villagers move double faster
- Nuke [Deals 100000 DMG to all feet and building/siege units around a 100 square radius... 1000 if shot to the water, but only at water, water is filled with blood, dead fishes and whales corpses, is shot by "Nuke Launcher" each hour, doesnt replace BioNuke launcher/EMP launcher]

Hydrogen Age
- Economycal bonus regenerating is reactivated and doubled
- All units move double faster
- All siege units cost -80% and move double faster
- Each petroleum platform is reversed the gold income (Drains gold)
- Hydrogen Nuke [Deals 100000000 DMG to all units around a 2000 square radius, 20000 if shot to the water, but only at water, water is filled with blood, dead fishes and whales corpses, is shot by "Hydronuke launcher" each 50 seconds, costs -90% the Nuclear Missile Launcher, doesnt replace other nuke launchers]
- Each sniping unit deals double the damage, shots from double the longer
- Each machinegun/shotgun unit costs -50%, shots double the faster
- Merchant Trailer generates double the gold
- Hydrogen solid state laser tank [Shots the beam from the same distance a missile launcher shots and deals constant damage]
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Graphene Age
- All units move 10% faster
- EMP is 10x damage and 10x distance
- All units shot from 50% longer
- Alll units and buildings are doubled the HP
- Regenerating speed is doubled
- Merchant Trailer moves much faster and generates double the gold
- Gold is replaced by graphene
- All units deal 100% + DMG
- Aerogel [Technology which boosts another 10% movement speed for all units]
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Quantical/Superconductive Age
- All units and buildings are doubled the range
- Agriculture/Logging/Mining/Working upgrades

Any else ideas are welcome

Bonus: Trees can be built after ecological technology, but take very long, first player which builds 3x its population in trees gives birth to "The One" ... which is a Sword Fighter 10x the speed of a scout, 100x the damage and defence of an imperial samurai, 10000 HP, regen speed 10/hp per second.
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I think you just should play wit the [You must login to view link] The amount of work for this insane and not even including the balance.
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No problem, we could start only by Ecologycal Tech and Glass Age
I think thats an easy task, i prefer so much aoeII mechanics
And balances will come in time, just by testing
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Posted 17 May 2017 - 11:34 pm
Just finished playing your 5th age and its very cool, i just think some naval upgrades have to be available for naval civs and this will be full balanced... havent played much civs but I found that some researches look black, is it me or its kinda incomplete? researches of trade market, upgrades to vouglier and noble swordsman, and archery, cavalry and siege base also some researches appear black same than lumber camp and urban base, also market merchant upgrade looks black, same than monastery.

With blessing of the faith, monks should gain a shield, helmet or armor.
Husar upgrade doesnt look different unlike elite paladin which looks different
Awesome looks of nobleswordsman and vouglier
Master Tebruchet should make it look different, maybe metal armored
Elite castle units turning to royal may be re sprinted
From which carpet can I grab the draws and start editing?
Extra plating and balista would be nice to add different re sprint
Marauders tech looks black also

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 8:18 am
You should play Empire Earth (14 ages)
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I hate other games what i want is to upgrade AoE, not to play something already done by someone else, I like AoE and im staying with AoE, if I wanted that i would be already playing that from long ago, I want to make my own mod of AoE as im with AoE concept. I know I can download even that useless game clash royale, but what i want isnt play other games, I want to get helped or at least guided on how to do my own AoE mod

Anyways thank you for your advice, I want to do something, instead of using something already done I know AoE isnt something I did, but I want to put some of my creativity into what i am going to play this is why i want to mod AoE

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