With more people playing AOC these days, I think there remains one crucial bug that has the potential to be abused or undermine the competitive aspect of the game. That is the AOC Multiplayer Status screen.

I understand that the AOC Multiplayer Screen was already re-worked to be made better via this update, which is definitely a major improvement to help players from stopping the game: http://www.voobly.com/forum/thread/130962

However, there still exists a vulnerability that I have experienced in about 5-10% of the games that I play (edit: 5-10% is probably too many. I'd say it's closer to the 3-5% mark, although it did happen to me 3 times in one day before). During some laggy games, if the game stops for an extended period of time (maybe 20+ sec), it will trigger the AOC Multiplayer Status screen, yet everyone will still be connected and no one dropped. Perhaps this indicates that someone was about to drop, but they suddenly reconnected at the last moment, so it appears that no one dropped.

Either way, whenever this happens, the game ends up stuck on the AOC Multiplayer Status screen with no way of continuing. If you click Continue the Game, it does nothing. If you wait, it does nothing. Essentially, the game has crashed, even though all the players appear to be connected and present. In some cases, I've seen that if someone drops from the game while this screen is up, the game will be able to proceed as normal, but not always (plus, it is not really fair to ask someone to resign just so that everyone else can play). And whenever the game continues this way, the game oftentimes will get a sync error within 30 sec and the game will end either way. The only way out is to resign.

Given that the AOC Multiplayer Status screen appears to be triggered by temporarily dropping from any player, it has widespread potential to be abused (and I suspect it is already being abused by players who do not wish to complete games). I strongly urge the Voobly Developers to take a closer look at this problem, as it has been a persistent problem and can undermine the rating system by allowing cheaters to stop games from finishing.

I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this, so feel free to chime in if you've had this error spoil your game before.