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Edited 31 January 2017 - 2:11 am by +[MM]_Skorpion_
RPG Four Swords

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Enroll in unique and challenging cooperative play as one of four ambitious townsmen who combat tyrannical Imperial forces and race against time and evil to save an innocent soul from a horrifying fate… worse than death itself.

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Dark times brew in the mythical land of Conga. Corrupt, malevolent fanatics and organizations exercise harsh control among to indigent societies striving to prevail. Four Swords recounts the legacies of Vito, Rek, Donny, and Jac; four weary townsfolk who risked all they held dear to oppose the evil plaguing the masses. The story opens following a fateful night where a strange meteor crashes north of the townsmen, fresh for inquiry…

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MM (Map Makers Studio) proudly presents its finest development yet! This elaborate RPG is meant for the highly skilled and competitive Role Play users. It will be impossible to beat without the collective work of three teammates, with frequent saving (and likely restoring for first timers). Teamwork and communication is a MUST!
Storyline and objectives are appropriately updated as players progress. Be sure to follow to avoid getting lost.

The following are the included features in this extensive RPG:
-An elegant and detailed storyline that unfolds smoothly throughout the scenario.
-An innovative style of leveling up characters, far in contrast to traditional style RPGs.
-Numerous boss and mini-boss battles that require tactical play to prevail.
-A high amount of randomized settings and outcomes.
-Uniquely handpicked characters/heroes that contribute effectively to game play.
-Exceptional healing system in the southern design of the map.
-GPS system to indicate and communicate players’ locations to each other (no cartography allowed!).
-Many secluded and secondary areas loaded with tricks, eye candy, bonuses, and even storyline.
-Proficient map design that heightens overall quality of the RPG.
-And over 2900 triggers!!
-Multiple sound files to enhance game play.
-Much, much more! Play and find out for yourself!

P1-4 -> Any
P5 -> Celts
P6 -> Aztecs
P7 -> Spanish
Reveal Map -> Normal
Starting Age -> Standard
Game Speed -> Fast
Teams Locked -> ON
Difficulty -> Standard
Music -> OFF (Scenario has its own sound/music files)

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Please report any bugs/errors found to +[MM]_Skorpion_. [You must login to view link] . Hope you enjoy this RPG and play it again and again! Comments and feedback are always desired and appreciated.
Four Swords RPG Sound (file size: 48.84 MB)
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Join Date: 27 May 2013
Posted 14 May 2017 - 5:07 pm
is this like.. super hard?

I tried it on HD, and there is no catography, even tho i got the GPS from the Wiz. Also when i get to the meteorite organism, nothing happens. I can move the relic to the other carpet, but nothing happens. only the ground starts to crack...

It seems like a great well thought out RPG, but it is far too hard (or maybe only not wokrin on HD)
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Join Date: 2 July 2017
Posted 12 July 2017 - 6:08 pm
It looks like a nice map :)
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Join Date: 2 May 2011
Posted 23 December 2018 - 7:31 am
I believe the Meteorite has 1 small bug when you pass through a unseen short cut through the trees to get to the Meteor site. So make sure you take the main path to get there and it will 100% Activate what needs to. I will update this RPG one day to fix some minor bugs. But as is nothing blocking you from completing game.

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