game not working


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Posted 1 October 2015 - 4:04 am
windows 8

just trying to get the game going on new computer

Non-DirectPlay game path is 'c:\program files (x86)\voobly\gamedata\aoc'
Verifying 'c:\program files (x86)\voobly\gamedata\aoc\language_x1.dll' exists...

The file was not found at the location the registry said it should be. The registry keys need to either be fixed or the game needs to be moved to the proper location.
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Posted 1 October 2015 - 2:47 pm
doesnt the warning also have an auto fix? is the game also in the [86] directory?
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Edited 31 December 2015 - 8:00 am by Vinny_Cat
Hey my game wont work after the like setup menu were u choose team and civilization and player etc it just crashes and whenever i gon on aoe2 new players lobby it says the game has alot of problems to fix and i have been clicking the buttons for ages and looked at problem it says its not in game directory folder when it is pleaseeeee help me i love aoe2

it says Non-DirectPlay game path is 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2'
Verifying 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2\language_x1.dll' exists...
Verifying 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2\age2_x1\age2_x1.exe' exists...
Voobly path is 'c:\program files (x86)\voobly'
Game version is '1.0C-VLY'
Verifying 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2\language_x1_p1.dll' exists...
Checking DirectPlay libraries...
Looking for dpwsockx.dll...
Looking for dplayx.dll...
'c:\windows\system32\dplayx.dll' size: 213504 bytes
DirectPlay Init Success!
Scanning installed DirectPlay games...
Age of Empires II - The Conquerors Expansion [found]
Game was found in DirectPlay registry!
DirectPlay play thinks the game is installed at 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2'
DirectPlay command line is 'Lobby'
DirectPlay play thinks the game exe is at 'c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2\AGE2_X1\age2_x1.exe'

age2_x1.exe needs to be in the age2_x1 directory and not in the root game directory. The one in the game directory needs to be deleted.
but i dont know were root game directory is
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Posted 31 December 2015 - 7:07 pm
Your game installation path is totally wrong: c:\users\sleepy\downloads\age of empires 2, it should be on your system Program Files under Microsoft Games folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II. so your game registry files will update on your system.

So to fix your issue, first completely uninstall & delete your old game directory folder and reinstall your game following this article below:
  1. #KB1038 How to install The Age of Kings,
  2. #KB1037 How to install The Age of Conquerors.


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